Heartworm treatment for my dog

My dog who is nine, just got tested for heartworms and it came back positive. She is very sensitive to meds and has bad skin allergies. Does anyone know of a natural way to treat heartworms without putting to much stress on her body?


  • I don't have an answer for you, but I am bumping you to the first page, hopefully someone has a good one.

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    Here's one site: http://www.theherbsplace.com/Heartworm_sp_36.html

    Try Googling for more if you don't get answers here.

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    Heartworm Treatment and Prevention - with herbs.

    Despite the horrendous stories your vet will tell you about Heartworm infestation likely to result in the death of your dog, (and that certainly can be true), there IS a way to treat Heartworm and bring your dog back to optimal health. And it's all natural.

    This regime is also a fabulous natural preventative for Heartworm.

    When Robin Sockness' 10 year old dog, Bandit, was diagnosed with "moderate to severe" heartworm in January 2000, Robin was told that Bandit had about 6 months to live, and that Bandit should be treated with steroids to make his last months more comfortable.

    Robin refused to accept this devastating news, and was determined to cure her beloved Bandit, and without any drugs. After careful research and investigation, Robin devised an all-natural treatment with a specific brand of herbs, called Nature's Sunshine, for Bandit. And she not only succeeded in curing Bandit of his heartworm, but improved his general health, and Bandit lives many more healthy years. Unfortunately, Bandit passed away recently, of natural causes, aged 17.

    Treatment took a year to ensure that all the heartworms had exited Bandit's system, and included a healthy diet as well as the herb treatment. And since then, Bandit has been on a maintenance program of Nature's Sunshine herbs, to prevent the return of this terrible condition.

    Although neither Robin nor I can guarantee the same results (or any result) in your dog, there have been many, many dogs who have now followed both the treatment program or the maintenance program (or both), with excellent results.

    As you may know, heartworm is a serious condition, and is potentially fatal. For this reason, vets recommend that all dogs receive preventive treatment. But the prevention treatment is a toxic drug and can cause many unwanted side effects. And there ARE natural alternatives. Bandit's Nature's Sunshine program is one that seems to work wonderfully.

    I'm really happy to have found Robin and her natural answer to heartworm.

    No more heartworm drugs for me and my dogs. I'm now using the Nature's Sunshine prevention program. It may not be as convenient as one monthly delicious chewy tablet (my dogs loved the taste of those heartworm drugs). But I'll take great health and a natural preventive regime over convenience any day. Why don't you try it, too?

    And if your dog, heaven forbid, has already contracted heartworm, then you might want to seriously consider Bandit's Nature's Sunshine heartworm treatment program. If your dog has been given a life sentence by your vet, you may have nothing to lose. And a whole lot to gain!

    If your dog already has Heartworm, use this link for the treatment regime. - Click here.

    If you want to prevent Heartworm in your dog naturally, use this link for the prevention regime. - Click here.

    Hope this helps!

    p.s. if you type in "natural treatment for heartworm" in google you will get a lot of things that might help too.

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    I really want to be a holistic vet so I'm always look for natural ways to cure my pets too.

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    I read that oregano oil will take care of worms, parasites, fungus, yeast problems, and infections. I give one Solaray pill to my neighbor's black lab after I finish walking him each day. He has been taking it for about 7 months and looks much healthier than before. I have been taking it (2 pills a day) for five months.

    You can read about it on the internet. As far as successful natural cures for heart worms on dogs, I read that one woman gave her dog woodworm and that worked. I took woodworm myself after reading Hulda Clark's book. I didn't like it, and stopped at less than the recommended time because I thought it was toxic. That's how I felt. So I wouldn't want to do that to a poor dog.

    Oregano is fine; and there is no side effects. In fact I've read that it will totally take care of any yeast problem you have after a year of consumption.

    AND it only costs $8 for two months worth of pills (60 for the dog).

  • do all of you use heartguard to protect your dogs against heartworms?thanks for your help!!

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