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Green Smoothie Fruit Leather??

Afternoon all, I have a question for anyone with the time to answer....

I am planning the menu for a 10 day "canoe the backwoods" trip this summer and I am wondering if anyone has tried making fruit leather out of green smoothies? I am thinking it would work - just put in water to reconstitute??

I have found a couple threads here with ideas for food. We will not have a cooler - nothing fresh but oranges probablly due to weight and space - so I will be doing alot of dehydration for soups and fruit and am trying to come up with some other ideas...



  • oh....and anyone really good at the advanced search (slowly getting the hang of it) I would love some insight so I can get even more ideas!


  • Keep your eyes out for edible wild greens. True superfoods. I found a bunch of videos on Utube, this one is called "Eat the Weeds:

    Have fun!


  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I'm not so sure putting it "in water to reconstitute" would give you the consistency you would want. But I have never heard of reconstituting a fruit leather, so that's new to me. I'm thinking *making* the leather would indeed work, but I would eat it as a fruit leather (albeit green!), accompanied by fluids to drink.

    Trail mix would be good, too- mixed dried fruits & nuts. Again, accompanied by plenty of fluids upon consumption.

  • Thanks for the link Mary! I am going to take a class at a local organic farm on foraging - I know dandilions....but that's about it safely!! HA

    Pixx - I think I will try some reconstituting in the weeks to come. I guess for 10 or so days I can eat the "leather" if it goes ok (new to the dehydrating thing). But I know what you mean - the consistency won't be the same!

    This will be my first trip raw and though those going with me (husband, dad and step-mom) are very supportive I just want to make sure I have what I need to "get through."

    On dehydrating nuts - soak then dehydrate? If taken with plenty of water will this be ok? Better than just raw nuts?

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    "On dehydrating nuts - soak then dehydrate? If taken with plenty of water will this be ok? Better than just raw nuts?"

    I am on the fence on that one. Yes, soaking nuts is better, as it destroys the enzyme inhibitors. I have questions about dehydrating them afterward. Many folks do this, I've even seen some sold that way (labeled as germinated and dehydrated.) But I can't help but wonder-- are the nuts/seeds *really* still viable after that? I know that farmers worry during a drought that the germinated seeds (or plants) will get too dry, and not be able to come back around.

    One day, I just may try it out- soak some, then dehydrate them, then try to sprout them afterward. I just haven't felt like taking the time yet. If any one else has tried this, I would *love* to know if they are *really* still viable (able to sprout).

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Interesting question Pixx. I soak, sprout (to about a quarter inch) and then dehydrate sunflower seeds all the time, and love the flavor and crunch . . . but are they still live? I'll have to experiment after summer school is over.

    Shazam, there was a discussion some time ago about dehydrating and then pulverizing "leathers" to make a powder, which would then reconstitute in water for "smoothies" that were palatable. I have a non-raw friend who spends several months in the fall and winter on her yacht. She gardens in the summer and dehydrates and pulverizes lots of fresh veggies to take for soup stocks, etc. She says it works well. I've not tried it, but it sounds workable.

    The Amazing Raw Food Hike-a-thon . . . A 3,000 Mile Fundraising Hike Along the Spectacular Continental Divide on a 100% Raw Food Diet. Check them out at www.rawhike.com. There's a "Trail Recipes and Prep Info" link on the homepage.

    Here are links to some GoneRaw threads that may prove helpful:








    Shazam, when you get back, it would be nice to hear what did and did not work well for you while canoeing. Have fun.

  • I have dehydrated berries and tomatoes and herbs (greens) and dates and then powdered them in a the blender for travel. Then I can make things that I'd normally make with my blender using just a portable manual baby food grinder or a fork, depending. You can also take seeds and sprout on the way, using only a sprout bag that you wet frequently.

    Make your own energy bars or cookes. Dehydrated cookies make a fantastic fill-up and energy food. Try cashew macaroons (be creative on the flavors - lemon, choc-orange, choc-rasp, lemon-rasp, orange-vanilla) or mix macadamias, dates, orange juice and vanilla and dehydrate.

    The mindset I find helpful is: what would everyone else eat and what is a raw sub? Also, think about needed a LOT more calories than you normally would at home and how you can feel satisfied. I always look forward to my cookies and so does everyone else.

  • emtpdmom - thank you for sharing all those forum posts. I have found some information very useful!

    I can't get onto rawhike, going to try another computer. I really want to check it out as I have seen it referenced so many times!!

    jenoz - thanks for the great ideas! Nice to know you have tried this out too. With powdering the leathers I can pack enough for a ton of smoothies!

    I am not adept at sprouting - I seem always to start with too many seeds or lentils and half rot causing uckiness... Any tips on sprouting "on-the-go"? I have oodles of cheese cloth I can make into a sprouting bag.

    Your cookie ideas sound great!!

    I have been making some lists and begin my experimentation this weekend as I start to re-read Thoreau in preparation!!

  • So, I thought before I left i would share my menu and see if there are any comments and/or suggestions.

    ~Powdered green smoothies - I have dehydrated everything seperatly and will pulverize together and put in individual bags for daily smoothies (really hope this works)

    ~Dried fruit and fruit leather (staples)

    ~Seeds to sprout while on route. I am nervous about this as I don't have much luck sprouting so I'm crossing fingers

    ~Eggplant jerky - marinated in lemon and lime juices, apple cider vinager, garlic and onion

    ~Cookies - jenoz's idea for cashew macaroons (lemon and raspberry), and pecan balls - dates, apricots and pecans blended and rolled in coconut (an older rec from goneraw I think)

    Dinners - the exciting part!! As everything will be dehydrated, I am planning on adding water to the dinner bags in the morning or at lunch for reconstitution by evening meal.

    ~Curried couscous - cauliflower couscous (from goneraw :) with zucchni, tomato, onion, basil, lemon and olive oil

    ~Tropical rice salad - parsnip and butternut squash rice with pineapple, mango, onion, shredded cabbage, lemon and coconut milk

    ~Pea Soup - blended (pulverized) peas, onions, and garlic for the base with carrots, celery, beets and basil

    ~Rawsgetti - zucchni noodles with tomato, onion, bell pepper, carrot, and oregano sauce

    ~Carrot burgers (from goneraw) with Onion Bread (from goneraw)

    ~All Your Veggies Soup - a mass of zucchni, summer squash, onion, tomato, peppers, greenbeans, garlic, celery, and carrot mixed with water

    The meals will be repeated as we will be out there 10 to 14 days (depending on weather) so I hope I like the food!!

    Lunch is the hardest to plan for me. I am thinking "jerky" and cookies but know I should have more. Perhaps I'll bring some almond butter with me to spread on the fruit. Wishing there was a way to dehydrate pudding :o)

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    grab yourself some chia seeds and make a pudding out of those. check out some recipes off of this site- but those will travel dry and just add water (plus some dates, carob, gojis) and you got some yummy lunch fill up

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Wow, you are so organised to have come up with that menu/plan for your trip.

    I hate to state the obvious, but how about just having fruit for lunch? Simple and tasty!

    Hope you have a great time.

  • wichten - I have never tried chia seed pudding, I will check out the recepies here and try some out!! Thank you for that idea!!

    sv3 - I think you are right, fruit will probablly end up being my staple. I have a lot dried so far and will pick up some more before we leave. I suppose I could add water in the AM to reconsitute it somewhat by lunch.....cheers!!

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