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Day to Day Changes

So I thought this would be fun. What little changes have you made in your kitchen since you went raw? One little thing I do is keep my large cutting board over the two left burners on my stove to extend me counterspace. Who needs those burners anyway? :) So how about you?


  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    I also use my stove as counter space. I've aranged it nicely so I have my banana hanger on one of the burners with bananas hanging there. Then on another burner I have a large stainless steel bowl with tomatoes, limes and lemons (beautiful color mixture). On the third burner I have a smaller bowl with my oranges, grapefruits, mangoes and avocadoes. I keep the fourth one, the one closest to the sink free so I can put my composting bin there when I am preparing my food. Also, I have a really nice blender out on the counter and a "bouquet" of parsley in a nice glass of water for decoration (and to eat of course!).

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I have a composting bowl near my sink and I use my stove for counter space but I also use it to cook food for my husband. hehe.

    I have a huge bowl full of bananas on my table(and I mean like three feet high of bananas) and my hand blender and mini pitcher I use for green smoothies is on my counter. Also I now have glass containers where I keep sunflower seeds and other dried or raw foods. They look beautiful!

    My pantry no longer has any white sugar, flower, pasta, or anything like that. Only olive oil, a few dried things and rice(I use for my husband).

    I have changed my cooking for my husband so that he is now gluten and dairy free! A huge difference from before. He's loving it and so am I!

  • Wow these are all wonderful ideas! I would really love a banana hanger. The parsley bouquet idea is great! Does anyone have a Magic Bullet? I love that silly thing for my morning smoothie.

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    There is fruit EVERYWHERE! lol

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I have the bullet but use my vitamix mostly.

  • I have a bullet. My morning green smoothies require a vitamix though. I make a large amount to last me through the morning and then sometimes for after lunch as my snack or even pre-dinner. Lots of greens and apples and stuff, so need the VM to make it smooth. The bullet is used for my small amounts of dressings thick sauces I make for dinner. Quick and easy clean up.

    Pantry changes aren't that different since I already ate whole foods, but now invested int cute clear storage containers for the increase in my flax seeds and dried cherries and stuff. My freezer is now PACKED with nuts instead of just a bag or two.

    My counter now has three fruit bowls instead of one and a hook inserted into the bottom of the cabinets now lets my bananas swing in the air all day. My dehydrator and FP now take a permaent place on my counter so my VM isnlt lonely anymore.

    And my fridge? When you open it, it basically BURSTS with greens and veggies now on every shelf and drawer.

  • Great when can I move in Pirawna! ahahaha

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I have a vintage stove with a lid that covers up the burners. Usually there's a kitchen towel on it and dishes are air-drying. (I have a DW, but I don't run the dry cycle.)

    What people usually say when they see the inside of my fridge is "wow, you have a lot of produce."

    The lemon/limes/tomatoes are on a bowl on the counter and there are usually two fruit bowls on the kitchen table. The "daddy blender" (Vitamix) and the "mommy blender" (chrome Osterizer) plus the juicer are usually on the counter, as is the dehydrator now. The DH is actually too big to fit anywhere else, and I have a lot of counter space.

    The bowl with kombucha tea is next to the dehydrator. I like to believe the little bit of warmth helps it along. There used to be one of those grow-your-own portobello mushroom kits over there too, but that was destined to fail.

    There's a giant jar of coconut oil sitting on the counter too. Even the cat gets coconut oil around here.

    I use the microwave still...mostly just for a timer.

    To tell you the truth this setup is pretty much the same whether we're eating mostly raw or not.

  • That's funny...I do sorta the same thing with my stove. My boyfriend made me a cutting board type of thing with legs on it to sit over my burners and it covers my entire stove. I have a counter top with shelves that I bought from Ikea and I've moved my microwave and toaster from the countertop to the bottom shelves and replaced them with a juicer, blender and dehydrator. My fancy Le Crueset dutch oven is now my fruit bowl and my oven is used for storage of all my old baking pans. :)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I have a dehydrator, Vita-Mix, and juicer on the counter for regular use (well, not the dehydrator, but it's here if I want it). I got rid of most of my pans, my toaster oven. I need to put something over the burners because my cat goes up there and gets hair everywhere, which is annoying if nothing else, that I have to clean a stove I don't use. You'll commonly walk in my kitchen and find about 60 bananas hanging about.

    I saved some pans and some ingredients I wouldn't ever eat/use myself, just because I cook for my bf soemtimes.

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