Calling all Los Angeles CA. raw foodies

Do you live in Los Angeles or a surronding area?


  • I have found a wonderful food co-op (they call it a food lobby/buyers club.) It has been running for a few years and we are looking to expand we want more people to join!!

    It's at the eco-village off of Vermont and 1st street if interested you can e-mail me and I will help you get started!

    The boxes of locally grown organic food are $20 and they say it will feed 2 to 3 people for one week. I get about a week worth of smoothies from the greens and veggies.


    Here is what I got for $20.00 on Sunday

    3 quarts strawberries

    12 small zucchini

    13 tomatoes

    2 long cucumbers

    9 turnips with greens

    1 beet root with greens

    1 med. daikon radish

    2 heads romaine lettuce

    2 heads red leaf lettuce

    2 bunches of lemon basil

    2 pounds of broccoli

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