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Hey every one,

so im starting that P90X workout plan thingy. N i dont know if i should just keep eating like im eating which is about 75% raw except for dinner. i eat alot of fruit and a salad daily but should i eat more carbs like wheat or what not. Should i eat more protien??!?!?! i have no clue. But this is going to be a better work out for me hopefully because i can never run with out my legs bothering me (people blame it on my diet) but i have no clue... HELP

(if that made any sense at all...)


  • I am doing the STS program from Cathe right now and it is even more intense than P90X was for me. I am having no trouble building muscle and have tons of energy. I am 100% Raw and it's been great working out with extra umph:) I add hemp protein to my smoothie in the morning but other than that I am not purposely adding extra protein into my diet. My diet is 90% fruits and veggies and 10% dehydrated/nuts/fats.



  • Hi Lisa.. once I run my marathon in a couple of weeks, I'm going to start "P90X"ing myself. Would be fun to compare notes on the workout. Do you have a good place to do pull ups? We've been looking all over our house (rental) for a place to install our pull ups bar and haven't found a place as of yet. Good luck!!


    PS: I'm 75% raw too. As time goes on, the amount goes up because I crave more raw foods. Pretty interesting.

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    Well a while ago we tried P90X, my whole family. but that didnt go so good since i was in school and we had to work out at 4a.m. so that fell through. but now its summer and im doing it alone on my own schedule. But from before my dad was all excited about it and got our excersize room READY! hahaha HE made some pull up bars and just drilled them on the wall. well there was alot of thought that went into that. im not exactly sure what kinda thought because i was just there giving him company =D haha.

    Lndysay, you run marathons!! that pretty cool. I love to run but i have problems with my shins. I used to do XC but after the midseason my shins whould have me limping and i would gradually get slower. any advice?

  • I just tried P90X for the first time and it was really discouraging. (sorry) I do think that if I had started it b4 i messed my metabolism up and gained an extra 25 lbs (can you say yo-yo from stress?) that it would have really been great for me. I went from 125 (and really comfortabe now that I look back on it) to 152. In January I tried to get it off by starting to workout again and doing a cleanse (that did NOT work to lose the lbs) and didn't lose one inch or one pound. I then switch to the X and thought surely suuuurely tht would do it. but no. : ( SO I'm still trying to figure out why that didn't work and why I can't lose weight. That being said!- really make sure you are balancing your diet and you should be fine. My husband did the X on 95% raw and he was really feeling like he was missing something. So if you have access to lots of superfoods, green powders, nuts, seeds, and stay away from meat and dairy you should be ok. Just don't throw your body off by doing any drastic changes in your diet. Consistency is the key (Matt Monarch). and it's SO true. hope this helps! and good luck!

  • Lisa- I used to have a similar problem while running track in jr. high. I gave up running track because of the injury... it was more of an IT band thing though. In college I would feel it, but just ran through it. I guess the best thing to do when your legs are sore is ice them, and stretch. I'm not a running expert though! That marathon was awesome! I loved every mile! I think that's another thing that really made a difference... visualizations. that was huge for me ! I never hit a wall. I kept focusing on a "doorway." ;)

    Daniel- I think it's funny that you would never buy an infomercial product and you're trying P90X. Good for you for having an open mind ! I just started two days ago, and MAN!!!! I'm sore too! It really kicks your ass! the chest and back workout was - WOW - intense. Tomorrow I tink I'm doing legs. Thanks for the tips on protein, nuts, seeds and super foods.

    Thanks everyone else for your comments/tips and Lisa for this post!

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