Raw Union - who's going?

My partner and I are volunteering at the Raw Union festival in Central Point. We are so excited! Who else is going? I want to meet you!

We are in Eugene and looking for a ride for Thursday. Is anyone headed our way?


  • hey lulushka8,

    I'm really just hoping to meet up with other raw fooders. I have been raw over a year and have yet to meet another raw foodie than my soon-to-be husband. I live only three hours away from this event and am volunteering, which means I can go for free. I do not have the cash for other raw festival/events. I am attending this festival with the assumption that there will be free spirited people there who are also attending to have a good time, and not just make money.

    I understand your feelings about Matt Monarch and all the rest...I find it all a bit strange. But I see no reason why we need to pit Shazzie Love against anyone else. This isn't a battle of the "gurus"; in my opinion it will be a nice place to camp, meet some people, and hopefully learn a little.



  • No offense taken, lulushka. It is interesting how the raw lifestyle, like any other new fad, is being used for profiteering purposes. This is a topic that has come up in many other threads.

    I would love to meet anyone else who's attending. Hope to see you there!

  • I'm really interested in your comments, Lulushka, as I have been quite impressed by Angela Stokes and her weight loss on raw...however, I do notice that she has got an e-product for those wanting to lose weight, etc, which, in itself I can't condemn. From what you were saying tho, it sounds like they have almost become quite commercialised as a couple and I wondered where you got your info from (about the wedding being mostly paid for and stuff). I am interested as a friend recently spent time at the Tree of Life and she was saying about how 'raw' was becoming so commercialised but I couldn't draw her out on specifically what) So it got me interested....

    Hope you enjoy it though, Parsley, I am sure it will be fun.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I mean no offense to Stokes or Monarch personally, but I'd also comment that they don't really look healthy to be exemplars of raw foodists. Yeah, so you lost weight - that doesn't mean anything. As far as I can tell, the girl just doesn't much eat at all. Raw FOODists might want to eat FOOD. ;)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I don't understand people not eating nutrients/fruit and then somehow advising others. I like it that part of the raw-food community is becoming [respectfully] vocal against these starvation and money-making tactics.

  • Well, besides the long drawn-out opinion pieces, I am going to raw union, from Alaska, and I am excited, I love the concept of uniting love in the presence of so many people full of like-minds and hearts full of love, I think it will be amazing!!! I am also going alone, so meeting anyone beforehand would be great!!!

  • Looking forward to meeting you, naturalkandy! I will be there with my partner, Rob. Keep a look out for a young couple on the small side; I am 5'4" and he is 5'9". I have short light brown hair (usually in pigtails) and he has very curly black hair. It is also my 20th birthday on Sunday, so I am doubly excited!

    I didn't really intend this forum post to be a lash-out against the profiteering agents of the world I'm so glad that others will be attending in good spirits. We are leaving in about an hour and trying to get a ride down, so if anybody sees us holding a South-bound sign you should pick us up... : )

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    I wish I was going! Just far enough away to make it inconvenient & the person I would like to be there with is really far away! I've never been to a raw "event". Hopefully there will be some good free coverage posted afterward. Parsley & naturalkandy, have a great time and maybe share your fav pic when you get home.

    Have a GREAT weekend everybody!

  • Thanks for putting me in the picture Lulushka, I have really only seen Angela Stokes on the Raw for Life DVD, which I thought was a good (albeit cheesy) piece full of information about raw foodism, so I was just interested in what your take was. I agree I don't like greed and am sad if this is the case. I am unsure of what their diet is at present, but on another thread, someone mentioned that Matt Monarch was saying he seems to be ageing rapidly - so I would be very interested in knowing what their diet is!

    Good luck to them though, and I hope all raw foodies going have a great time!

  • To update this post, I just want to say that I had a wonderful time at Matt and Angela's wedding. I was blown away by their generosity and desire to create community.

    I asked Matt why he wanted to create such an event for his wedding. He responded that he thought it would make Angela happy. He said that most of the people (in the raw community) were already friends and that it would be great to make new friends as well within the community.

    They were selling their products there, as were many vendors, but I never felt that the event was primarily a commercial endeavor. I met so many new and beautiful people and felt myself really become alive and connected with this lifestyle. Many inspiring people came and gave talks on a variety of topics. I learned so much that every night I felt stuffed. I am so glad that Matt and Angela created an excuse for the raw community to come together.

    Whatever their sales agenda, I don't believe they deserve to be judged as harshly and single-dimensionally as they have on this forum. If people want to discuss the problem of over-commercializing the raw food lifestyle, I would be interested in continuing this discussion on another post.



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