headache that won't go away

Okay, yesterday afternoon I started getting a really bad headache......it feels like the ones I used to get before going raw(when I'd have sugar). The funny thing is, I didn't have any sugar or anything for that matter. Yesterday I started the day with a green smoothie and I was crazy at work and didn't have time for anything else. Last night it got really really bad and even after eating mangoes and sleeping a solid seven hours I STILL have it! It's been almost twenty four hours and I don't know what to do. I've drunken tea(usually helps), hot water, had bananas, some nuts......so I've eaten, hydrated and still nothing has changed. I've completely lost my appetite though and eating isn't pleasant. I couldn't even finish the last banana I had.

Any ideas on how to help this?

Thank you!


  • I'm sorry you've been feeling yucky. I am not sure how to help the headache but peppermint always helps me when I have headaches. Maybe you're sick or have allergies and it will just pass with time and rest? I hope you feel better!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I get headaches when I eat too much sugar (of any type). Even though you haven't had any junk food type sugar, you've eaten some sugary fruits - mangoes and bananas. I can eat them every now and then but when I start eating them too much I start getting the sugar headaches. I guess my body likes to be a bit more balanced. It's only when I eat the sweeter fruits that I have this problem. Or if I go too long without food and then eat sweet fruits, it's too much of a jolt for me. But that's the only guess I can give you just given the info you provided. But ya never know, it could be sinus issues if you have ever had problems with that. I agree with the above post regarding peppermint. I've had much success using it. Take a cool damp cloth and drop a couple drops of peppermint oil on the cloth and lay down with it on your forehead... it feels great! Best of luck, hope you feel better. I'm such a sissy when it comes to headaches so I feel your pain!

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