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Were any of you fat like me?

Hello Everyone,

I am new here. I am a 47 year old wife and mother of 2. I am about 40-50lbs overweight, have very mild MS, am totally addicted to sugar, and am so sick of feeling like crap. I would like to try going raw, as it all sounds so good to me. I am on an extremely limited income, and have a family to feed. My husband has no interest in a diet such as this. He loves his "meat" and thinks mayonaise and french fries are food groups (LOL). I have to be able to allow him to eat as he chooses, but still take care of myself. My daughter (12) has become a "vegetarian", but eats mostly carbs and peanut butter. I think she may like to try much of what I see here. My son is more like his dad, but he is 9 and does like most raw food, so I think I can do a 1/2 and1/2 with him. I

I'm torn because I have very little support, so I come here looking to all of you. Here are my questions:

1. Do any of you have spouses that are not interested in the raw lifestyle? How do you cope?

2. Do you find it hard to afford a raw lifestyle?

3. Were any of you very overweight when you started?

***PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... No salespeople!!!!!!! I just need some good friendly direction and support. Thanks so much in advance for any good advice. K


  • ddigiacomoddigiacomo Raw Newbie

    harry, I live with someone that is not raw. The way I cope is that I do not tell him how to eat and he doesnt tell me how to eat. If you actually do the cooking you will just have to make two different meals. As far as price raw is expensive especially when you make gourmet recipes. If you live in a rural areal or have farmers markets near you its much cheaper, unfortunatly I do not. I was not overweight when I started however I did loose a few needed lbs. I have a tendancy to gain weight easily. If I did eat SAD I would gain weight that is for sure. I can tell you that going raw will help with your weight it will help with your skin and hair and it will help with mental disorders such as depression. It is tough to be raw in the beginning but as long as you have pleanty of raw foods around you its not as hard and it becomes much easier. If you are starving and their is only cooked food around it is nearly impossible to resist. I do not know much about how MS would be effected by RAW. I do however know that its the Animal biproducts that contribute and cause neuroligical diseases.

    Please excuse my spelling, I am terrible.

  • evergreenevergreen Raw Master

    hi harryandthephoenix,

    I would be happy to speak with you if you need support. please check my profile here for my website and view my profile there for my contact info. (sorry, trying to avoid spambots:))

    a very quick search brought up this site that features talk show host Montel Williams , who I believe has had very good results with MS following a mostly raw diet.


    good luck and I hope to hear from you, I can answer most of the questions you ask here:)

  • Hi!

    I know you could lose weight and feel a ton better with Raw. I was about 30 lbs. overweight and have lost 1/2 the weight in two months. I will say it hasn't been easy but I am a very determined woman:) I have Hashimoto's disease and had my gallbladder removed. It is much easier for me to digest Raw food than animal products so I feel a ton better.

    A book that I think would help you a ton is Natalia Rose's book "The Raw Food Detox Diet". She has you go through a slow transition to 100% Raw. For some that is easier than going 100% overnight. I read this book after going 100% overnight and wished I had read it before that. For some people the detox that happens by switching from SAD to Raw overnight is too much to take. The book is so awesome and easy to read. It will really help you get motivated.

    Hope that helps,



    Here is a link for the book:


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    the fitness freak!!! this is off topic but i was watching an episode of Mystery Diagnosis (i'm obsessed with this show) and the girl on it had Hashimoto's Disease. i had never heard of it until that episode and i like knowing about rare diseases. how does it affect you?

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    Hello Harry,

    Losing the weight is easy if you stick to the raw food plan. And if all else fails, and you still don't lose weight, than doing a fast, most definitely will shed the extra pounds. I was 135, and now i'm 120, and between fast & raw food it has been about 2 months. If I were you, I would start by doing a hybrid diet. It would help with the food costs, and your living situation. Plan your menus. Create something that will work as a side for your husband etc, and also as your main meal, adding his meat to the menu plan. You can get away with not doing as many starches for the whole family, and probably nobody will even notice. If you're really strapped, stick to the cheap vegtables and fruits. There are enough. Bananas, Mangos, Apples, Oranges Strawberries (in season). And vegetables, celery, carrots, zuchhini,onions, tomatoes, really so many are decently cheap. As long as you're planning the meals well, and making the most of the ingredients you buy, then you should be ok. I spend about $60 a week for one person, but I also get extra stuff, like agave nectar, hazelnut milk, and goodies. If I absolutely had to, I know I could probably get it down a whole lot more. Oh, and one last tip, that i'm finally starting to implement, Drink More Water! Your skin needs it. It fills you. You can always find it. And it's cheap! I would spend the $60 bucks and invest in a Paragon Water Filter(or similar) if at all possible. It makes a world of difference. Transition at your own pace. If you eat something cooked. Don't beat yourself up. Each new moment, is just that, new. and Most importantly. You can do it!

  • Hey Joannabanana,

    Hashimoto's Disease is advanced hypothyroidism. I am on medication that I have to take at the same exact time every day so as to not throw off my hormone levels. It reminds me of when I was on birth control, it's very finicky. The disease affects my moods and I have noticed I have a lot less hair than I did before. I get exhausted at times and have a really hard time keeping weight off. However, I am bound and determined to never use this as an excuse to be fat.

    The reason I went 100% Raw overnight is to hopefully reverse this disease so I can one day be off medication. My doctor isn't too hopeful but that's modern medicine for you. They are determined to have you on drugs the rest of your life because it keeps them in business. I told my endocrinologist about how much I workout(6days a week) and how little I can eat just to maintain my weight he actually suggested Weight Watchers instead of Raw. Can you believe that? I'm going to prove him WRONG!

    Hope that clarified it for you:)



  • HI there I am a mother of a very picky four year old and the wife of a "meat and potato" man. We are on a tight budget which I got alot of good advice here for that. I went raw for health issues and although my husband is not interested he has seen the good in my decision and has become very supportive. He and my daughter have benefited just by adding more fruit and veggies into their diet. So don't be discouraged by family if it is something you know is good for you. They will notice and hopefully will support you in time. Also as far as budget I am a om a tight one and have been a sprouting machine these days and it doesn't cost alot. Summer is great for saving if you can grow a garden, community, potted, square foot, so many possibilties there I could lose track. Only a couple months into this and I have lost 11 pounds although that is not my reason for going raw. It is nice to be more mobile with your kids and the better you feel the more fun you can have with them! Oh yeah, my daughter will not eat any kind of leafy green so I throw them in a smoothie for her with some berries, banana, and OJ and she has a full salad without even noticing. Hope this little rant helps

  • Hi,

    I'm a member of my country's living (raw) food association and they have a little magazine (or journal?), where i've read stories people getting help to MS- symptoms especially with living foods. But I'm sure you'll find help here!

    I have some pounds (over 20) to lose, my goal is high raw at this point.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    thefitnessfreak, i think you're definitely on the right path to eliminate your meds. i feel the same way about doctors and that's the main reason i went raw, too. i had ibs, proctitis, acid reflux, allergies, asthma and was on so many meds!! none of it was getting better until i went raw. now i have no illnesses whatsoever. i hope the same happens for you as well. you seem very committed already and i wish you success!!! how long have you been on the raw way of life?

  • Thanks Joanna! I have been Raw for 3 months now. After month 4 I'm going to get my bloodwork done to see if there is an improvement. I pray there is. I am finding this lifestyle easier than any other way of eating I have tried. I plan to stay Raw forever:)



  • What a great thread.... this is a wonderful community!

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I was close to 200 lbs 4 1/2 years ago. I was about 150 when I started intentionally transitioning to raw not quite 2 years ago. (I was eating quite a bit of raw "unintentionally" prior to that- mostly fruit, but some veggies too- as I prefer broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, etc that way.) I am 122 lbs today. :~) I am not 100% raw, and it really is not my intention to be (at this point in time, at least!)

    The bf was not interested at first, but he's seen how much good it has done for me. He also watched a show on Gabriel Cousins' Tree of Life. Immediately, he went 100% for about two weeks, & has since dropped back to high raw (frequently has a cooked dinner), and has just about corrected diabetes with it.

    Before his switch, the way I coped was fixing two meals, or letting him fend for himself sometimes (on his suggestion). Fixing a meal that can be added to, is helpful (both eating a similar meal, but with cooked added to his).

    Yes, raw *can* be expensive, but doesn't have to be. As has been mentioned, there are lots of choices that are lower on the cost scale. "Gourmet" meals, while helpful to some especially in transition, are not necessary. Fruit and veggies are not so expensive when compared to cheese, meats & many packaged products. So depending on what you spend your grocery dollars on now, it might even be less to go raw.

    I, too, was "totally addicted to sugar". I had noticed, years before finding "raw", that the more fruit I ate, the less I craved the sugar. Also, the more processed sugar I ate, the less I craved fruit. I eat a lot of fruit now, during the day. What was once a nightly ritual of chocolates, became a nightly ritual of dates. Then it became raw honey, and most recently it has been bananas. The only intentional thing of all that was adding more fruit to my day. The nightly ritual change was not intentional- I only noticed that after the fact! I haven't had chocolates in ages now. If someone had told me that 3 years ago, I would have laughed. I couldn't go to bed without my chocolates! Fifteen years ago, I couldn't get past 9 am without it.

    Good luck to you! I believe looking into this (and of course, trying it!) has you on the right track.


  • Freshman year of high school last year I was 240 pounds (i know its more, i used to lie to myself), and I wore size 42 pants. I'm fluctuate between 145 - 150 at times, and i wear size 30 pants.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    No matter what the issue, you simply cannot go wrong adding more raw foods to your diet, and your husband and kids need healthier foods too. As advised above, they can eat a side salad if that's your main dish.

    Do be aware that kicking a lifetime of bad eating habits all at once is going to be a challenge. Perhaps you can "lean into it" by omitting the sugar/junk food, white flour, meat, and dairy, and adding raw foods, smoothies, and juices. Just these steps will help you enormously with weight and overall health. Autoimmune diseases like MS respond really well to nutritional therapy and massive doses of B (thiamine) and C vitamins.

    Some vegan staples like rice, beans, or lentils are crazy cheap, so if you can't go raw all at once, these are some foods you can add that will help you transition away from the processed, high-calorie, low-fiber, nutrient-sparse foods.

  • waterbaby12347waterbaby12347 Raw Newbie

    Ashton J ~ I hope YOU are as proud of yourself as "I am"

  • Well, I was raw a couple months ago and sadly I fell off the wagon shortly after that and am back to SAD eating with more raw food here and there. But the benefits I experienced in a short amount of time are extreme and I plan to conquer this food addiction and be raw for LIFE.

    Gourmet raw is definitely more expensive, but it may be nice to try a couple recipes here and there. If you want to be pleased by eating simply--Phillip McCluskey is a well known raw foodist who posts videos on youtube. He has a great video on making green smoothies and a large salad. He lost 200 pounds by going raw and he keeps it simple!! I've heard green smoothies are a great way to help end cravings (and I have personally lost my HUGE sweet tooth by drinking green veggie juices!).

    My husband is very supportive of me wanting to change my lifestyle to raw. He stopped bringing food home, usually goes out to eat so I won't munch on his food, and from time to time I'll cook for him.

    In my opinion, if you keep it simple, it should be cheaper! Making a large green smoothie for half a day can be no more than 2 dollars at times! I'm certainly excited in starting this raw journey again! I've got 20 pounds to lose (I gained it all back since going back to SAD--that's what I get, right?). But I could certainly lose more!

  • My husband is completely meat and potatoes (he actually gags when trying to eat salad). But, it has never been a problem for me. I've been vegetarian for almost a decade now, cut out eggs for the most part a while back. I went 100% raw (or really close) for about a month, and am trying to stay high to predominately raw from here on out. For me, I tend to just tell my husband (and others) "I'm trying to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits." It doesn't seem to freak people out as much as suddenly declaring yourself "raw." (imho at least) I'm almost 40yrs old, and have one daughter, so I can sympathize with the not wanting to "feel like crap" and wanting to get back to fighting weight (so to speak). I'm not there yet, but truly feel I'm making progress. My thoughts/suggestions: Take it slow (if you feel the need to), and be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to really get to know how to listen to your body. I know the "listen to your body" idea seems pretty cliche. But, I'm starting to realize that sometimes when I want a plate full of homemade french fries I'm actually just very tired, and hungry. And want to console myself. You get my idea? I would also strongly discourage you from feeling like Hubby needs to eat the same thing you do (or the other way around) to enjoy a meal together. I think it's good to remember that how ever much people who eat raw don't like having someone give them grief over their diet, other people (like your typical SAD diet) most likely feel the same way. In many cases, I believe if WE don't make our diet a big deal, others won't see it as one. You are just trying to eat foods that make YOU feel better. If your husband, friends, or kids don't feel better by eating them and don't want to- that's okay. I'd also suggest you be very careful about being down on yourself (calling yourself fat, etc). You like YOU, but want to make YOU even better (well, that's what I try to tell myself). I tend to eat my totally raw meals when I'm at work (or if you are a stay -at- home- Mom, maybe when Hubby's at work), and save my "cooked food meals" for when there is a big dinner together with family. Or when we are going out to eat. You can still many times find a big nice salad at restaurants. And you can load up on salads, and have cooked foods as "sides" at family get togethers and such. And, if money is an issue- don't worry so much about trying to make the gourmet raw dishes (those are where the money is an issue many times). Just load up on things like apples and bananas and other less exotic fruits (cheaper) and some tender greens. Maybe try eating those fruits for breakfast, then having a BIG salad for lunch (kitchen sink big!). Then have a "cooked" meal for dinner with Hubby and the kids. But, try to have the cooked part more as a side, add another salad, and maybe some steamed veggies with your meat (if your not vegetarian)? As far as raw working for very overweight people- I've stumbled across many people on the internet who have lost tremendous amounts of weight from going raw. Even if you just go high raw, I bet you will feel better and trim down. For inspiration, you might want to google people like Angela Stokes (she lost a lot of weight by going raw!). I recently stumbled across a guy who did the same thing, and was amazed by the transformation. But darn if I can't remember his name. I'll have to look around and see if I can find his blog- it was very inspirational. Good luck! You'll do fine.

  • waterbaby ~ Yep, [ ; .

  • Food is like religion. People have what they believe in (or eat) and trying to persuade them to change usually backfires and leads to arguments. If you make the food available (sit down next to your husband or kids with a nice bowl of snacks and offer them some) then they have the option without the nagging. My fiance was not about to go raw since she love to cook and try new things. As I learned (and she became curious) more from books and movies (Breakthrough and Supercharge Me!) she became interested and we started playing with it more. The first month I lost 12 lbs (and I have PCOS so 1lb is a feat). Just make your food (and perhaps tell your husband and kids you won't be making non raw food for them) and extra little treats to share (Ani Phyo has an amazing raw apple pie). Good luck!

  • Hi

    I have a mum and husband to take of and neither really care about raw. My husband thinks salad is coleslaw but now I got him eating broccoli slaw. Both love their bread and goodies. I have to bake everything for them because I have to keep a gluten free house because I have Celiac Disease, allergic to corn and soy too.

    Both have mental problems but not enough to hospitalise them. My 2 sons, well one will eat salads and one thinks green veggies are bad news. He won't even eat fruit if it's green. He's a problem child but I got to love him because he's the baby. I just laugh and asked him if he wants me here for along time. He said yes and then said mum eats green, I eat yellow. :)

    I have had cancer 4 times, now I have heart problems because of Celiac Disease, I have a lot of other health problems and I'm overweight.

    I have only been raw 2 weeks but can tell you I'm starting to feel good. The heart doctor wants me to be 100 lbs so I have 80 lbs to go. I have a strong will power so I know I can do this. I just got some good advice because right now I'm hungry a lot but this too will pass. :-)

    Hang in there, we can do this together if you want. Let me know and I will give you my msn or yahoo id.

    Take care


  • MY husband is DEFINITELY not raw and we manage to live harmoniously. He prepares his own meals and I prepare mine. We still eat together and we don't try and change one another! The only problem that I had in the beginning was watching him eat all of the things I love (cheese) while I ate raw (raw cheese just isn't the same as brie, I don't care what anyone says!) This is obviously where will power and determination comes in. You just have to see the bigger picture (i.e. weightloss and vibrant health!)

    I went 100% vegan raw without a transition period when my doctor pronounced me on the brink of being overweight and have been successfully raw for well over two months. The key for you especially is TO KEEP IT SIMPLE. It's easy to get bogged down with information and complicated recipes trying to mimic the cooked foods you used to love. Stick to the quick, easy and delicious: green smoothies, fruit, salads, blended soups and leave the rest out of it until you get into the swing of things. Leave the nut meats and raw lasagnas for that rare occasion when you have the time and want to make the effort.

    Good luck and welcome :)

  • SimplyRawesomeSimplyRawesome Raw Jr. Leader

    Getting off sugar will definitely help with your weight loss. The tough part will be the withdrawls. Everyone is different, but the way I handled my transition from "sugarholic" to raw vegan was by eating sliced bananas, with raw almond butter and a half a date on the banana slice. I know it's high glycemic, but it allowed me to break from the refined white sugar addiction. After about two weeks, I had no desire for "sweets" and fulfilled my cravings with fruit. I was not overweight, but I lost a ton of weight rather quickly. I attribute that to walking 3x a week and a raw vegan diet.

    When I initially went raw, my husband and two sons were not supportive at all. If anything, they would bust my chops about what I was eating. I continued to cook dinner for them, but I made sure I was full on either a smoothie or raw food before I made their meals so I would not be tempted to cheat. Eventually, they warmed up to at least eating some of my raw dishes.

    The key to dealing with unsupportive family is - first and foremost - having the desire to be healthy and the will to pursue. Second is to have a support group or groups. I was active on several raw food forums that were instrumental in success. I was also involved in a local raw food group where we had raw food potlucks quite frequently, so that was a true benefit. I realize this is not always possible, but we were able to form our group through searching out local people on the forums. Try www.meetup.com to find raw food groups in your area.

    It's not that easy to transition, but once you get there ... OMG! The benefits are out of this world. You will never be sorry. Best of luck to you.

  • 1. My husband is very interested in raw food however he lacks a lot of self control. Most of the time I can get him to have a green smoothie with me or have big loaded raw salad for dinner. (like last night) It's hard because i care about him and i want him to have a long healthy life...but i cant force him to go high raw. He says he would like to but he just doesnt have that much self control. He does support my choices though, however, he gets cravings a lot and it usually sucks me in too. which i hate. If he was high raw too I dont think i would have any mess ups.

    2. No I dont find it hard to afford a raw life style because your removing what you were eating and replacing it with healthier stuff. thats all. now, if you want to get fancy & buy lots of expensive super foods ect it may get pricey. Also buy things online in bulk. saves you SO much money. I just bought a 5 pound bag of chia seeds for i think 7 a pound, when at the store, i got 1 pound for 15 dollars. see what i mean? lol

    3. I am very over weight. more over weight than you. I have lost 43 pounds thanks to raw so far. I think if i had not slacked off i would of lost 100 by now. sad huh blahhhhhh. but thats very good modivation to me actually. im telling myself now, if i dont mess up, a few months from now i can look back & be proud of myself. Good luck!

  • with the sugar addiction STAY AWAY FROM REFINED SUGAR! It's like crack!

    not vegan (but you can have raw honey) I have a little everyday.

    theres also fruit! ALL KINDS! Or eat fruit with raw almond butter.

    seriously, i wanted ice cream last night like everyone else but i ate almond butter on a banana & it was SO GOOD.

    ...im going to go have one now hahah

  • I have only been 50-70% raw for the last 2 weeks and have already lost 3 lbs which is actually really amazing for me!

    I gained 15lbs last year which really is a lot for me because I'm only 5'3 and really petite. I honestly felt like my entire metabolism died last year. Once I started gaining weight I completely changed my diet and started cutting back on fats and swore off sugar and noncomplex carbs. I kept cutting back the amount I was eating until it was about a third of what I had been originally eating (no worries I was still getting 3 meals a day) and I signed up for an exercise class and started walking EVERYWHERE rather than driving ever. but I STILL GAINED WEIGHT!!!!! Its seemed like nothing I did made any difference, I just kept packing on the pounds!

    Now after just 2 weeks of trying to eat raw I have lost 3 pounds!!! I have been eating constantly and literally have never felt deprived. I am not really exercising right now and have even eaten out a few times. Its been amazing for me! I can't wait to see what the results will be after a month.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    I sure loved all your stories. Especially the insight of your meat and potato spouces. I too have one, but yeah, have been making his food and mine. In fact I did raw years ago, but it got old making two dinners. BUt now that I know what I have (hep C) it really is just to serious to take the easy route, especially when I read all the testimonies, and it will save me time in the long run. He has had more health issues since (overweight, diabetes, a slight heart attack, HPB) ,the first time. He has already made major changes, but still has a way to go. SO, he already said he would think about it and looked over my sholder and what I was reading. So you just never know. I just started a few days ago, but love the fudge. but really I am not up to that yet, still too much sugar as I have candida issues. but my biofeedback Dr said (Who is on day 33 of raw) I was already making grande progress, my digestion was really really good. no red bars on the report. I just need go a bit slower on the "fudge" and smoothies, but quite frankly what sold me is being able to possibly eat chocolate, albeit raw, the the other kind was for sure out of my reach anyway. well, keep is up harry...

  • I have about 75 lbs to lose, i'm losing more in inches than in weight, which is normal for me.

    I have to cook 2 meals because I have a mum with dementia that we live with. My husband thinks coleslaw is salad. I do get some good stuff in them and nothing is process, I make everything fresh for them.

    Me, i'm 100% raw, did cheat on 1 bite of chicken and it tasted weird to me.

    I have found that when i eat meat and dairy, i gain weight. my fat cells increase and no matter what i do i can't lose weight unless i take them out of my diet. i know it seems strange but it's the truth, i guess i'm just weird. haha

    see i'm allergic to corn, soy, egg, gluten (celiac disease), so i never could have process food. i can't even eat the rice bread even if i make it because it has eggs in it. plus the yeast and i don't agree with each other. haha so all i was eating was rice noodles, meat, cheese and lots of fresh veggies. didn't eat any fruit till i went raw and now i love them, specially pineapple and banana smoothies.

    my husband has a lot of health problems but he still won't go raw. total me what ever diet i had to be on he would go, i said yeah right. this is the way of life to me not a diet. i have had cancer 4 times, i have a heart condition and it's all from celiac disease, so this is my life's eating now. i enjoy raw because i feel wonderful when i'm doing it.

    plus, i feel this is where God has lead me to do, so that I can be healthy, happy and full of joy for my grandkids. to be able to see them grow up. i think about what they are going to look like and be like, that's what makes me want to excerise, eat right and live free of what the world thinks normal is.

    i get trouble from all family members but i don't care, i feel good.

    sorry just sounding off.

    take care hope something i said will help.

  • Hi, I used to weight 105 lbs until I was about 21 and put on tons of weight. I'm only 5'2" and got up to 130 lbs, which, if you've spent your life being petite is quite depressing. My husband is so far from raw. He'll eat a medium rare steak, and that's it. He hates vegetables, he loves soda, chips, pizza pockets, canned foods, spaghettios, microwavable foods (I'm against using the microwave) and he generally eats all the biggest trash you can think of. He makers fun of me for buying organic vegetables and for liking "disgusting food" and drinking so much water.

    I understand your struggles. Its hard, especially because he just doesn't care about his health. He says everyone is going to die one day, whats the difference. He wants to enjoy his life. He jokes around that he won't live past 50. (We're 27 now). It's sad. I am trying to be a good wife, and I sneak in healthy foods for him whenever I can.

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    harryandthephoenix, I too have a mild case of MS...or HAD. lol I've been doing a lot of work over the last year and a half to heal myself. I'm not 100% raw, I try to stay raw all day then have a cooked dinner. I also adhere to the Best Bet Diet and supplements for MS. Let me know if you want more info - it's amazing and got rid of symptoms like fatigue and brain fog in a few weeks. It's basically gluten-free, casein-free, and bean/pea/legume-free. Also check into the Master Cleanse, lots of info here on it. Between the two you will accomplish a great deal of healing with the added bonus of losing weight!

    I've only had one major attack (optic neuritis) back in fall '07 and started making diet changes a few months later. Going on 2 full years without an attack although relapsing-remitting type MS is "supposed" to have 1-2 attacks per year. Neurologist would say I'm just in remission, but she can't feel the changes I feel in my body. I know the way I felt then, and the way I feel now! I had nastygmus, numbness & tingling, vertigo, coordination problems, etc. and they're all gone. :)

    Whatever you choose to do diet-wise, it may be hard at first, but you WILL get used to it. I cook stuff for my kids and others every day and have no problems with being tempted anymore. When you feel the difference, then screw up and eat something you shouldn't and feel the difference again, you realize that no food is worth feeling that way!

  • Hi

    I am new to this concept of raw but it looks great. I am actually overweight by at least 75lbs. To start the process I decided to do a cleanse of just juices that are fresh, vegetable and fruit. At first I was juicing myself, but found it so messy. I stumbled on juice at your locat grocery store in the section that sells all organic food products. I have been on the juice cleanse for only 6 days and have dropped 13lbs. I am so excited! I live in a house with my husband and 3 grown boys who still love to eat everything. But the juice was the easiest way for me to start with going raw. I also have a wonderful support system from my sister in law who is vegan and she has been helping me with great receipes to start my first week of raw. I used to think of people that ate raw were wierd but now realize that I am 46 years old, own my own business and have more energy than I have ever had. As well I had my gallbladder removed a couple of years ago which resulted in giving me an irritable bowel. Which I am happy to say that by doing the juice cleanse first it really has helped settle that down. I hope this helps with the losing of the weight, Good Luck to ever reads this!!!

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