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Help! UTI or kidney infection- what do i do?

wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

So Im feeling sick as a dog right now. I have developed one hell of a uti/kidney/bladder infection. I know to drink cranberry juice (that has to wait till the am to get to the store) and tons of water to flush everything. Im in the middle of a juice feast so I don't want to mess up the detox process, (i think the infection sprang up from sexual activity and not from the juicing not to give tmi) but i need your help/advice!


  • Sometimes those infections can get very serious. I would make sure you put your health over a juice fast you are doing. Your health is most important. This may be a bit unpopular- but if the water and cranberry juice don't kick it out pretty soon, I would seriously consider going to the doctor for antibiotics. Probably only you can tell how bad it is. I've waited out stuff and not gone into a doctor and it has worked out okay many times. Just make sure your putting your health first, over beliefs in "doing things naturally" IF natural cures don't work. Maybe someone will have a good idea for you so that you won't have to go to the docs?

  • hi...sad to say...been there

    raw asparagus takes the pain away pretty fast just eat the tops ..they ae good

    also parsley tea..just take the whoe bunch and add water and drink..it is wonderful tasting and realy works,

    also aloe juice..preferably whole leaf, juivr from health food store..but wallgreens or walmart has it in flavors like berry

    and...i just found this out after 2 rounds of antibiotics and yeast stuff..a whole month of pain and confusion, and the pills were really making me sick..

    wellllllll....after 3 different docs..the 4 got it right..it was high sugar..same symptoms

    maybe your juice is too much sugar for your body right now..

    good luck..marion

  • ps..symptoms are

    peeing constantly,,,stinky pee, some backache..very itchy genitals...

    how long have you been on the juice...haha i will still be up for an hour or so.. and will check back

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    thanks guys! i think antibiotics would wreck me right now, so im going to stave off a doc visit for a bit, but if its too much ill go in.

    I wish i could eat the asparagus (yum!) but i will def get some parsley and maybe some of that aloe juice.

    i have some oil of oregano caps- do you think those would help?

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    yeah im peeing constantly, my back is stiff/sore and i think i have a low-grade fever (its 80 degrees out so i might just be hot)

    Today is day 23 of juicing- I do lots of green juices so im gonna up on making those even more green.

  • If you drink cranberry juice make sure its 100%. and stay away from sugar because thats what the bacteria feeds off of. If you have back pain sounds like it could have spread to your kidneys. Hope not. If you have the back pain for a long time dont ignore goign to the MD, kidney infections can really hurt you long term if untreated.

  • dont know about the oregano..

    are all the symptoms i said..happening to you?

    you can buy or borrow a big fresh leaf of aloe..and just juice it...wonderful for you,can cure arthritis and other things caused by too much animal wastes..you can sip on it about every time you go to fridge..where it shoud be kept after juicing

    add flavors if you like..i dont mind it plain..but the flavored [but not wole leaf] aloe juice at walmart is delicious!

    i have cured cats with kidney probs with just aloe and parsley tea,[the parsley will taste so good..like the earht in a teacup] so i drank several cups at first..then i pooped and peed a lot, then felt much better

    so just start with one cup..even tho you will be very tempted..and keep it in the fridge..with som eascorbic acid if you have any...to keep it fresh longer..

    good luck..any questions?..i will wait about 10 more minutes..its 11;44 right now

  • I'll second Gemninja's recomendation to make sure it's 100% cranberry juice. I remember the last time I went to the store to get cranberry juice- all I could find was cranberry cocktail- there was very little juice in it either. Hope you feel better soon. Will have to remember the parsley tea idea.

  • I came on here looking for Raw recipes, so I'm fairly new to this site. That said, I saw your post and had to share my experience with a UTI that turned nasty. I tried getting rid of my UTI naturally, drinking cranberry juice w/o sugar, green tea and other herbal teas, but nothing seemed to work. About three days into my infection, I woke up in the middle of the night with stabbing pains in my back and peed what looked like pure blood. In a panic, I headed to the ER (I didn't have health insurance at the time). Turns out that my UTI had started moving up into my kidney; had I waited longer, it would have been in my kidney and much more serious.

    While I hate using antibiotics, or any drugs really, at times you do need to see a doctor, especially for infections.

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I'm glad this thread came up as I am currently quite worried about the number of water infections I seem to be getting recently. (They also seem to be triggered by sex.) Although they are not severe, I can definitely feel the symptoms and it just doesn

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    ok so ive got me some cranberry juice (100% pure and organic) and aloe juice. Ive also juiced a couple bunches of parsley too. so we'll see how it goes.

    Has anyone else had problems with uti's triggered by sex? any way around this?

  • wichten - go to your local whole foods or health food store and look for "D-Mannose, for Urinary Tract Health". It cost me $25 for the bottle and completely cleared up my UTI. I was in severe pain for several days (could barely walk) and nothing was helping. Look it up online, it has around a 90% success rate over anti-biotics.

    It takes a few days to start working but after 3 or so days the pain will fade. Really, it works wonders! Let me know if you try it.

  • Blueberry juice is also good for UTI. No sugar added of course. I get the start of them often from sexual activity. I OD on liquids and fruit juices cut with aloe and coconut water.

    Well, this sounds weird, but I also put coconut oil and sometimes colloidal silver down there. They are both antibacterial and it seems to soothe things. I will also take GSE pills sometimes. This usually seems to work as I have only once had it get so bad that I had to go get antibiotics. Not sure if this is helping things, but I also use coconut oil as lube if needed since its natural, edible, and naturally antibacterial.

  • In regard to the sexual activity/UTI connection....

    First it is important to have protected sex... Nuff said

    Second pee as soon as possible after sex...

    Just know with every new partner, there will be an introduction of new "germs" and a "HoneyMoonItis" can result, if not protected....

    HoneyMoonItis = cystitis or burning and frequent urination, if not treated naturally or otherwise, it will spread to the bladder and again if not treated, a full blown UTI may follow....

    You have already received great advise on clearing up your UTI, and I know you will get relief soon!!!

    I hope this info helps you to protect yourself in the future... smile

    Good luck!!!

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    I second the grapefruit seed extract--works for me. I also have experience with infections getting worse while fasting, but ymmv. Try juicing some garlic along with your vegetable juice. If you're staying in for the night, use lots of garlic.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    im feeling much relieved today, not totally clear, but i think tomorrow i should be.

    It could be honeymoonitis, waterbaby- but no worries i always use protection.

    Ive been using liquid stevia to sweeten my cranberry juice, and it just happens to have grapefruit seed extract in it- bonus!

    thanks all for your help! :)

  • wichten ~ Some of the protection devices, smile have lubricant which can also cause "honeymoonitis"... Might change brands if problem reoccurs...

    So happy you are feeling better....

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