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Natural Painkiller?

I'm trying to get off painkillers. I have severe low back pain from several car accidents (3 torn and bulging discs plus scoliosis), anybody know anything for natural pain relief? I've tried acupuncture, yoga, pilates, chiropractor, physical therapy, heat, ice, tiger balm and all help a little, but the pain and swelling always return. I know the painkillers are poison and I hate the effect they have on me, but the pain is too intense. Help!


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    StellaJewels, I have never experienced the kind of pain you describe. I do know that when my son (mid 30ish) injured his back, his chiropractor, in conjunction with his neurosurgeon, recommended that a series of exercises designed to strengthen the abs which provide support for the back (I think I got the muscle group right), become a permanent part of his daily routine.

    I spoke this afternoon with a friend who lived for several years with intense pain. She attributes her diminished pain to

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    stellaJewels~ If you are truly serious about taking action NOW to improve your well-being and are coachable to do what it takes, email me (see my profile for addy). I partner with people to improve their well-being by utilizing non-toxic options.

    Sending you healing energy.

  • I'm trying to get my core strength back with yoga and pilates and rebounding, but it's a twisted trade-off in that I have to take pain killers to be able to do the exercises... That's why I was hoping there was something natural to take the edge off the pain. And I'm 99% raw (1%= tea), maybe I just need to be more patient... Thanks

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    I also do yoga for a few years now and from what I learned from my teacher is that with any case of injury take it very slow and listen to your body, if a certain position hurts then don't do it, or do a easier variation of it, as far as pain killers I would recommend cannabis, the best there is, how that is going to work with yoga is a different matter though, some say it boost their ability some say it dampen them, guess its very personal, if your not into smoking cannabis you can try using cannabis tincture\extract on the place that hurts, just rub it on, should work more locally and be less highish.

  • keewikeewi Raw Newbie

    ^this guy has he right idea, Raw cannabis tinctures!

  • Unfortunately i've always been very allergic to it, but never thought of trying a tincture topically. Probably not something i can buy, but have to make? I've been getting some relief using coconut oil packs (allergic to castor oil too...) but I'm willing to try anything so thanks for the advice ;)

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    Yea you'll probably will have to make it, though I know there are areas you can buy hash oil and if I'm not mistaken you can use that topically but that is made with alcohol and many people(as myself) don't like the idea, at least for smoking, what do you mean by allergic to it? sounds very weird never heard of someone being allergic to cannabis, perhaps you tried some shit weed\hash with chemicals? lots of that going around these days..I know a long time medical cannabis user that knows tons about these stuff, I'll ask her and get back with a recipe\more specific answer.

  • Any kind i've ever tried, (but not for many years) i get allergic as in swollen itchy eyes, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, etc... I would really appreciate a recipe on how to make a good topical though, maybe i'm just allergic to smoking it. Thanx! ;)

  • magpie89magpie89 Raw Newbie

    Two words:

    vaporizer, marijuana

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Ginger and cayenne are good pain relievers--both internally and externally. Best of luck!

  • mdcmdc

    I have a bad lower back--caused by improper lifting of a heavy object 15 years ago--which flares up from time to time. Keep alternating heat & cold until you body has time to heal itself. This will be a good 8 weeks or more. Eating ginger & other anti-immflamatory spices, like curry or tumeric could help reduce your inflammation as well. I sometimes use a homeopathic cream called Topricin, which you can probably buy at a HFS. It's pricy, but it seems to provide pain relief. Better if you have someone else to massage it in for your! Rebounding is a pretty big jolt for your back; I'd hold off on it until you are pain free. Stick with Pilates for re-building your core and yoga for gentle stretching, and as Ras recommended, don't do what hurts! Here's a book you may be interested in, written by a Canadian Chiropractor: Spinal Stabilization: The New Science of Back Pain, 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Rick Jemmett. It tells you a lot about the muscles supporting your spine, how they act and what you can do to strengthen them.

    Having a sore back is miserable. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanx for the advice. I'm a spice freak and eat tons and put ginger in almost every meal. I'll try it topically too, what the heck! And I'll definitely look for the Topricin and the book, thanks so much for the recommendations

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