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Prenatal Vitamins?

We'll be trying to get pregnant soon...Possibly starting next month. My GYN supports me being raw and says it would be great to stay raw during the pregnancy. She also wants me to take prenatal vitamins. She did not recommend a specific brand. Can anyone recommend a natural (hopefully whole/raw food based) prenatal vitamin?


  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    Back when I was pregnant with my daughter (10 yrs ago) I didn't think of that type of thing (I was just starting to get grossed out by meat and becoming a vegetarian). I'm not a big supplement person (I only take some B-12 occassionally (I still eat some dairy). But, just as a precaution I would definately take the prenatals. At the worst you'll get expensive pee. If there happens to be a vitamin deficienty during pregnancy it could have terrible affects. I just took the prescription ones. Sorry, maybe someone else knows of them.

  • Thanks. After I wrote this post I found another (several posts down) that had a really good seeming recommendation. This one :http://www.newchapter.com/products/perfect-prenatal

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yes, I heard of New Chapter. But, it doesn't have calcium or EFAs.

    A friend of mine used Garden of Life and also recommended NOT to use primrose oil.

  • RosaRosa Raw Newbie

    Hi, I'm nursing my 8 months old son and I still take new chapter's perfect prenatal. But only one a day, instead of 3.

    Awhile ago it was finished and I didn't have my vitamins for a few days. Then I noticed a big difference in my energy level: I became so tired and was thirsty all the time.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Also, I forget whose blog I was reading (linked from goneraw), but she was eating OJ (vit C), raisins (iron), and tahini (calcium). But, I was wondering about EFAs/omegas... does anyone take them while pregnant (as some would recommend not to take primrose or flax)?

  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    I had a baby nine months ago, and I'm still exclusively nursing him. I take dr.mercola's whole food multi. With my first two pregnancies I was sick and had all kinds of emotional issues and mood swings, anxiety attacks etc...but with this last one I had just started taking those right before I found out I was pregnant and continued, well, still take them everyday actually, but my pregnancy was one out of the perfect dream! I had almost no complaints, my moods were super stable, the anxiety (which only hit me while I was pregnant, so pretty sure they were hormone related) was gone, I gained just the right amount of weight. I wasn't raw with my first pregnancy and took the prescribed pre-natals, with my second I was maybe 50% raw and took the prescription pre-natals and with my third I was 85% raw and took mercola's. My third was hands down the best one and I don't know if it was the supplements or going more raw, whatever it was I was just really grateful I could experience the "joys of pregnancy" like so many other women, instead of just trying to get through each day. My sister, also a raw vegan has taken Young Livings pre-natal supplement with both her pregnancies and I know that she highly recommends that.

  • Wanderful_VeganWanderful_Vegan Raw Newbie


    This is so wonderful to hear. I myself was stricken with SEVERE panick and anxiety after my daughter was born (9 years ago). I had never known such issues until that time! I have been thinking about wanting to increase my family here in the next year or so but have been horrified to pursue it or think seriously about it. I thought adoption but could never afford that. I can afford to have a child but certainly not an ADDITIONAL $30,000 to $100,000 for costs.

    10 years ago I was just a vegetarian and didnt take very good care of myself. This next time around I would like to be 75% raw or so. I would say 100% like I am now but I dont think I could do it. I know myself and know my cravings. Something tells me I would want rice dream on occasion :)



  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    LYD...It was the most intense thing I've ever gone through! I thought it was just a fluke with my first pregnancy and then when it started happening with the second one I really thought I wouldn't be able to cope...it got to the point where I seriously considered taking anti-anxiety meds which, if you knew me, to even consider meds...ITS BAD! Then, with my third, as soon as I found out, I was like oh no...its gonna happen again! And, I kept waiting for it to hit...and waiting...and waiting! Never happened! It was such a relief. Re-reading this post, and seeing your post I was trying to remember everything I did differently leading up to it. Really, the only things were eating a higher percentage of raw during the pregnancy, making sure my blood sugar was much more stable this time around (I'm technically diabetic but I refuse to take insulin because my body is still producing its own), juice/smoothie intake per day was higher, and the supplements. I don't know which one did it, probably a combination of all of them, and I have noticed i experience some feelings of anxiety when my sugars start spiking and crashing, but nothing like when I was pregnant or the year following the first two babies! Ugh! That alone is motivation for me to stay raw! And, LOL at wanting rice dream...I mentioned that in a different post...I had two bowls at my lil bro's b-day party a little bit ago!

    How long did it last for you? I remember for me it hit when I was in my 4th month for my first pregnancy and my 5th month with my second one and it lasted until almost their 1st b-day. I just remember waking up and it was like a load was lifted off my body and "it" was just gone. So hard to describe but it was just like poof...gone!

  • Wanderful_VeganWanderful_Vegan Raw Newbie

    the crippling panick attacks started not when I was preggers but about 4 months AFTER! It wasnt post part-um depression but horrible anxiety. I started taking meds and realize now I stayed on them so long because I took them in the first place. I was a bad eater at the time though. I was a vegetarian SAD eater. Nothing but soy (which now I know causes horrible mood swings with me and makes me depressed) and refined crap!

    Next time around I will try my damnedest to be 100% raw but like I said, I know myself and know my cravings so I dont doubt vegan indian food may slip in there! I will certainly be high raw though! I am still looking at a year or so down the road though!



  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    Wow, thanks for sharing. I totally think that being high raw and supplementing so that I was getting all the nutrients I needed is what gave me such a great 3rd pregnancy. I sincerely hope if you ever do decide to have another baby that you will have a wonderful experience!

  • Blessings, my last pregnancy and my current pregnancy (I'm 7 months pregnant) I take Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamins - they are vegan vitamins and have no artificial stuff and no sugar, lactose, wheat, gluten or yeast. I get them at Whole Foods -- best of luck doing pregnancy raw, I know people that can do it raw, just remember to listen to your body, and if you feel like eating healthy, although not raw, I think you should honor your body's intuition. Good luck for an easy pregnancy and an amazing easy birth!

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