NEEM pills used for "birth control"

What do you think? Very popular in other countries.. Oil is used as spermacide aswell.


  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    i don't know anything about it but i will say:

    have you heard about how it works scientifically and does that make sense?

    are there studies done/research on how effective they are?

    ..when it come to something like birth control, i'd be really careful. do you have any articles or links you have been looking at?

  • Actually, it has been documented pretty well in India in use in humans and research has been done in the army and by the government there as well as this oil being used for years. It has been proven to kill sperm within 30 secondas in the oil form. Here's some info from Bythe Oil is widely used in India as it has been for years and has been highly researched as a spermicide that is highly effective and is advantageous in that it does not have irritative properties as Nonoxyl-9 and lemon juice do.Men taking Neem pills or tea after 6 weeks acts like male birth control but does not reduce libido and is totally reversible.


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