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geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

I kind of need help. I was doing raw food for a while last year, but then I moved and everything got really messed up and I basically haven't been eating very well for about 6months now. I really need help getting back into raw!. Does anybody have advice? I have tried numerous times, all to noooooo avail. HELP!!!!!!


  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    We can't put the determination in you.....you have to do this for yourself! :)

  • Just get back on track. I think most of us have had ups and downs with out diets (and if you say you haven't, then you are lying). We have all fallen off the wagon at some point, but just get back on. I always go by the mantra: when I know better, I do better. Think of the past few months as a time where you learned how not to eat. It was sort of a test to see if you like eating an unhealthy diet. You are clearly on the right track since you recognize that you ate poorly and want to do better. Don't focus on the past, focus on the future.

    And for specific tips, I think it is best to get rid of all the unhealthy foods that you can. Then get to the grocery store and buy all of the fruits and veggies you can find. The best motivation for me is the food. I can't look at a bowl of fries or cheetos and say that it is more appetizing than a creamy avocado or crispy, juicy apple.

  • I find that when I'm thinking about trying something new that is good for me, I read all that I can about it. I go online and order books from the library and talk about it to other people, and read others testimonials about all the positive changes they have seen since trying whatever it might be. The more I read, it seems, the more determined I become to start it and stick with it.

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Be prepared and plan your raw meals/snacks ahead of time. I find this helps me stay on track of where I want to be. Just buy real fresh food, bin all your sad food. Don't even think of sad food as food, think of it as pretend.

    Visit this site (and other raw sites/blogs) frequently to keep yourself involved and motivated.

    Good luck!

  • It's hard to do... my blog http://healthyfoodrawdiet.com offers a free video by David Wolfe (raw foods expert) and he talks about discipline and how to change your diet easily. Hopefully it will help you!

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    It doesn't have to be hard! Start small, eat plenty of your favorite raw foods.

    Then, start replacing your favorite foods--dessert, pizza, crackers, chips, whatever--with raw versions that really satisfy you. Take your time. It's not a race.

    Before you know it you'll be all raw and it'll seem like you didn't even have to try . . .

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    i feel it better to ask first.....

    what is keeping you from raw?

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    i am curious why you want to do it, do you feel better? what do you like abut raw foods? what is easy for you? dont try to go 100% all at once, it is very hard that way. if you try to add more raw in your repertoire will be bigger by the time you are ready or IF you desire to be all raw.

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