How to restore gut flora

I just came back from visiting my Mom where I water fasted for 5 days. It was easy enough since I didn't have to prepare any food for my family. The problem was when I got home, I ate like crazy. I knew better and am now suffering for my stupidity--cramps, diarrhea, nausea and lethargy are the results. My stomach is gurgling away trying to process the little bit I ate. What can I do to undo and fix my little problem? I'm drinking lots to prevent dehydration. Any suggestions??


  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    I recently read Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates and one of the most important aspects of the "diet" is rebuilding your good flora or what she calls inner ecology. One of the things that she recommends is to eat raw cultured veggies. They are VERY fun to make and border on addictive. Here is a link to directions on her website

    Another thing she suggests making is coconut kefir. Which grows on you as you drink it more. Here is the link on how to make it And here is an article about it:

    She also recommends taking digestive enzymes and probiotics.

    Hope this helps! And if you are really interested, Body Ecology is a REALLY great read for everyone.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    I heartily recommend digestive enzymes. I keep some on hand for those occasions when I eat something unraw.

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