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Wow! I can not believe it!

Well Ive been doing very well on my raw transfer and happy with how I feel and the weight Im losing, (Slow but steady! )

Anyways Last night I was short on food till payday !! Today is payday thank goodness, and I ate prepackage season noodles

thinking since I need to eat I will eat what I have in my cabnet and oh my gosh I got SO SICK!!

I juat wanted to let anyone new on this journey to be careful if you go raw and eat something you use to on the SAD diet it was horrible!!

I would rather starve then eat that terrible stuff ever again! Its amazing to me that I use to eat that crap and it had no effect on me, so much for that!!

just wanted to share with anyone that may eat something they havent in a while that they probably will get Sick!


  • Agreed momof5! I posted a while ago that I slipped on my fast and ate some pasta last night...not even that much, just about a cup, with cooked vegetables and cheese in it. UGH. It totally ruined my night and made me useless.


  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    Yep, we've all been there. (And no doubt I'll be there again at some point!)

  • Im glad Im not alone! I mean I wish I was and no one has to go through what Idid last night and this morning but Im glad that its not just me that understands just how much terrible stuff is out there to eat and have you noticed the bad food is the cheapest food, How very sad!

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    I had a very similar experience a few days ago, where I ate some bread and almond butter, some cereal, crackers, and other starchy foods. Boy did I feel like crap :(

    I know the feeling guys. Makes me appreciate my good foods that I normally eat!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i just ate steamed broccoli last night and i feel like i'm gonna barf this morning. i'm not a huge fan of raw broccoli, so i figured i'd steam it. i used to eat steamed ALL the time. i'm kind of bummed.

  • Yep, the worst food is the cheapest AND easiest to prepare.

    The local health unit in my area has a new radio commercial out that encourages people to chop and store their veggies as soon as they get home from the grocery store, in order to make it easier to incorporate them in meals. A step in the right direction, for once, yay!

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    When I walk past shops like Iceland (an awful store here in the UK which sells frozen, processed, junk) I look in and feel very sad for all the people doing their weekly shops with a trolley full of frozen ready meals. :-(

    How depressing.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    It's almost like a "rite of passage" for a raw foodist to go back and try their old favorite foods, only to discover that they no longer taste the same and have unsatisfactory results.

    I know I've been there more than once. :)



  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    My mom made raw brownies 2 days ago and I have only had 2! A month ago I would have eating half of them in one day. Also, almond butter has always been a huge trigger for me to binge on, and I am at my mom's house now and only had 1 tsp, yes that's 1 teaspoon of it with my apple. I can't believe it! It's like something finally clicked in! I'm just thinking back at how I felt Tuesday after I had cooked foods and I don't want to feel like that again (heavy, bloated, gassy, etc.). I hope that this is not a phase and that I will continue to eat as well as I have been eating this week.

  • Yeah i know, i was 100% raw for 2 weeks and i was away from home, i ended up having a small fry from wendy's and i got violently ill for 3 days ahah

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    I have to confess some un-raw food still tastes really good. Me and my fiancee are by no means 100%, and yesterday and some of today we splurged. Granted even last night when I felt I splurged I ended up having salmon with rice and lightly steamed veggies, and he had tuna steak with salad and cooked artichokes. not like we had bacon cheeseburgers from McDonald's. I felt fine afterwards. I also even enjoyed the steamed veggies. I enjoyed the meal more than I would have if i was still eating SAD. It made me slow down enjoy every bite, and savor the experience. Today, I caved and bought a brownie with the kombucha I got, and i have to say, it was still deliciously tasty. It was also from a local bakery made fresh and delivered to the coffee shop we go to. I had a turkey and cheese with avocado sandwich one day when i broke down and didn't want pineapple and mango for lunch and i couldn't leave, and it was also tasty. Really i have to not do it too much because it's the addictive quality i don't want back. I haven't gone so far off the deep end that i've gotten sick, so i guess that's a good thing. Cooked food/ non-raw food still is good to me as long as it has whole ingredients, i just like the benefits of raw food even better. I guess it makes it harder that i still enjoy it! It does sound like i'm not very raw, but even with these splurges we're still around 80-90% raw..just my random thoughts on the times i've eaten non-raw.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Great job, AVL! :)



  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    Thank you swayze!

  • So I know this post happened a little while ago and it seems to be about binging on SAD foods, but what about raw foods? At night when i get home, after ive done so well at work i binge on RAW! anything in my fridge with almost complete disreguard for food combining rules. Proteins and starches and fats together, sure dont mind if i do! I hate it, does anyone else do this? how long did this phase last for? I think i might be bored at home and emotional eating. ugh the human diet is so high maintenance

  • AVLAVL Raw Newbie

    SA-RAW, I'm kind of in the same boat as you, and now I don't keep a lot of food in my house. The only thing I have are frozen blueberries and Nori sheets, so I eat that and I thinks that it's not as bad as nuts, avocadoes, raw crackers, etc. But I guess the real problem is the "why" we are doing this.

  • AVL, i feel every forum that i look at or post i see you on it and always feel the same way! I'm pretty sure we have a lot of similar issues. I'm an emotional eater and probably a little low on the self esteem but i just really like to eat! im trying to eat more during the day so i dont get nuts at night but its really hard. Also, I do a lot of reading and basically everyone has an opinion about every kind of food and eating stresses me out because all these things are running through my head! I just need to eat what i want when i want it and be happy, jeez!

  • I had some macaroni salad last night. Felt absolutely miserable for the rest of the evening. Treated myself to a makeup lunch of raw meatloaf with raw ketchup on top. Body is now back to being happy with me. Down with toxins indeed!

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    I went out loving the foods I eat, cooked carbs when I would have binges would never hurt me. I guess I have a young body that just tolerates a lot of stuff, I'm also very active, so it would be used as fuel anyway, just very...VERY subpar fuel. I still miss rice and beans to this day, and bean curd and steamed vegetables, but I realize these are compensating my health.

    Cooked low fat food to me is a better choice than high fat raw, atleast for me.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    good fats vs bad fats. As far as i remember reading there are good fats.. Like say in avocados. What does everyone have to say about this? As far as i've read saturated fats are by far the ones we need to keep in check. The others are beneficial to the body in different ways..

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Bread still tastes good to me, but everything else has a "wang" even when it's not chemically. It just tastes "off". I did something absolutely disturbingly horrible (for me anyway I haven't done this in YEARS and years)..I had a Zero bar. I used to love them. It was a true addiction. I referred to them as "heroin" despite not eating them often, when I did, I would buy 2-3 and eat them in the same day, the first 1 1/2 in the same hour! Well, anyway a friend gave me one knowing how I used to love them, and me, remembering how they used to make me feel, accepted greedily...It was okay, to "eh". It's nice to know they do nothing for me now. I did taste the chemicals (and get a short-lived sore throat), but otherwise was "fine" (at least on the outside) from it...

    I noticed the less I do eat the bad things, the more I can handle them, which seems to be the opposite with other people. When I ate those things all the time, they immediately made me very very ill (though I thought this was the "normal" feeling then). Also, when active before, and after, it lessens the effects for me...

    I crave cooked grains sometimes, and I think at this point, my body knows what it needs pretty well. IF I give in and eat wheat-bread, I make sure it is pure, real ingredients, and IF on rare occasions I crave butter, I know that coconut oil or avocado (both lightly salted) work better than butter/margarine. Lately I have been craving Quinoa, and I didn't give in while shopping thinking it was "bad". But it is a gluten-free grain-like seed that I feel fine ingesting. So anyway I have rambled on..

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    luxdivon you are right, you want to avoid saturated fats and trans fats, they are both unhealthy fats.

    however mono and poly saturated fats are heart helpers healthy fats. and can be enjoyed liberally.



  • There's saturated fats in nuts, avocados and coconut, too. However, the chains are different than the sat.fat found in meat so it's handled differently in the body and less likely to cause clogging of the arteries like animal fats will. There's a blog article at nutritiondata.com and called "Tropical Oils: A Better Fat?" that explains it much better than I can. Trans fats typically come from deep-frying and from eating things that have hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated oils in them. If a person is high raw, these concerns are no concern at all, but for the semi-raw, caution is required.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    hey veggie fan ....yea i was kinda worried about the saturated fat in coconut but i am glad to hear your body handles it differently. the coconut water is to die for! i wish i had some right now. thanks for the link.

  • Raw PassionRaw Passion Raw Newbie

    It's funny since eating more Raw (not 100% though) I have become sensitive to other things as well as food - as I've detoxed I've become sensitive to the chemicals and such in our deodrants, shampoos, skin care etc, I've started making my own moisturisers, which is brilliant because in less than a week my scar is starting to dissapear!

    I cant still eat hot food OK, but I struggle with anything processed - it makes me feel bloated and sick. It's funny now, I used to live off pastries from Greggs (bakers in England) and now I can't imagine eating one!

    My downfall at the moment is I love Japanese Soba + Udon noodles! They are organic and whole buckwheat so I dont feel too bad, but they are amazing lol. I eat bowls of them as snacks, but unlike american or british noodles they dont make me feel bloated or sick.

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