Raw and Healing Acne

Just a thought : If Raw food can heal cancer.. dont you think it could heal acne?


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    yes, i do. i used to have acne on my face, chest, and back before going raw. i tried every face wash and cream under the sun, but eating whole, fresh foods definitely made a difference. it's cleared up so much now and my pores have gotten a lot smaller.

  • That is awesome and encouraging to hear. Thanks!

  • Yes yes YES! I can definitely vouch that raw food heals acne. I had severe acne when i was a teenager, and used some very strong prescription drugs to clear it, damaging my liver in the process. I wish i knew back then what i know now. But being on a high raw, or all raw diet definitely keeps things under control! I rarely use any cleansers on my face, and just make a point of sweating and exfoliating often, and use raw organic coconut oil everyday as a moisturizer when its hot out. one very important thing to mention is that when you switch to a raw living diet, your body will start to clean itself, and colonics or enemas are a great way to speed toxins out of your body, so your skin ( well in fact, every cell in your body) has less to deal with. ... one last thing, a few months ago i did a cleanse where i would take some bentonite clay, psyllium husks and lots of water, and then do an enema the next morning... and within four days, my skin was perfect. its important to realize that skin eruptions arent bad... they are an indicator that toxins are being removed from the system and that perhaps it is struggling a bit. without colonics, dont be surprised if acne gets worse before it gets better. lastly, the more you cleanse, the more sensitive you become to SAD food.... so be prepared to get spots if you re-introduce cooked oils, or dough based foods.... and definitely talk to a holistic doctor if you are not sure about colonics...but most people who have done them, swear by them. including me. i have a kit that i purchased for ten bucks and it was the best thing i ever did for myself. good luck, let us know how you are doing. :)

  • Wow! Blooming lotus,thank you so much for your post. I will keep going 100% then.

  • you are very welcome. there is loads of info on the net, just keep doing research, it's quite a fun project, healing your body! make sure you are getting loads of green smoothies, juices, i also recommend taking chia (preferably salba) and hemp seed to keep your skin lubricated, and get your digestion moving faster, its totally worth budgeting for. i'm so excited for you! .... i saw this girl on her bicycle yesterday, she wasn't wearing a helmet and i was going to be like what the hell are you doing on a busy road without your helmet... and i realized she was bawling her eyes out - an she had severe cystic acne. i really wish i could have just wished her well, i'm glad least that i can pass along some info to you. take your health lovingly into your own hands, and keep us posted.

  • i'm 15 and was victim of typical so-called "hormonal" acne for years until i went raw. cucumber juice and lots of fruits and veggies have cleared me up entirely! even my scars have are gone :) you would never guess i had acne in the first place. hang in there! it's totally possible


    I cured myself with raw vegan diet for 6months! I was doing and oil pulling as well!

  • What is oil pulling??

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