Hi everyone, just curious if organic popcorn is considered raw? I love popcorn and would have a hard time giving it up if it isn't considered raw. Thanks!


  • since popcorn is cooked (the heat causes the kernels to explode), it is not considered raw. while transitioning you could use a little coconut oil and sea salt for a reasonably healthy snack. there are a few raw popcorn recipes using cauliflower on this site if you want to try those too.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Not raw, sorry!

  • vabeachcgvabeachcg Raw Newbie

    what i do, is not quite raw but better than popped, exploded corn kernels. take the buds from a big organic cauliflower, sprinkle with sea salt and brewer's yeast, and dehy for a couple of hours or so to heat it up! it is a compulsive snack like popcorn...you eat one, and you can't stop! ;)

  • As long as you are not using popcorn as a food staple, and your aren't loading it down with a bunch of gunk- why feel you must give it up? Do you feel icky after eating it? If not, and it means that much to you, keep it as an indulgence. Just my opinion.

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