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bad digestion

i posted a while ago about "digestion issues" and i still have not found much relief. i had all my wisdom teeth pulled about a year ago and did not take any probiotics after having a mass amount of antibiotics, and was barely eating before and after that surgery for a few months on both ends. since then, i have been constipated no matter what dietary direction i take. i went from junk food vegan to healthy cooked vegan to 100% raw to high raw and it's always been the same. i have bowel movements every day but there is so much straining involved and i never feel done. my stomach is so bloated i look pregnant, especially because of my small frame. i do not over eat, i exercise 3-4 times a week, i've had three colon hydrotherapy appointments (which have helped but not very much), i've been taking probiotics for a long time. i've tried all cooked, all raw, 80/10/10, no fruit, high fat, no fat, high fiber, yoga, pressure points, massages, meditating, lemon water in the morning, blood work (no diseases or allergies)...

now what?


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    ofthesea, how long did you do 80/10/10? it has totally changed my digestive problems. i'd say you have to do it for at least 2 weeks to experience the wonderful effect. you should also eat 1 lb of greens a day. it's a ton, but that makes a difference.

    this might help too... i drink 2 large glasses of water every morning when i wake up. it clears out my bowels so i don't feel crampy.

    another thing, have you fasted before?? i did a juice fast for a week and never felt better in my entire life. you could even try a smoothie fast for a week so your digestive system isn't working so hard.

  • i did 80/10/10 for around three weeks, but eating that much fruit just doesn't feel good. i felt really out of balance the whole time. i still have around a pound of greens a day.

    i have around a quart of water first thing every morning, it has helped a lot. i drink a lot of water throughout the day because for some reason, i'm always really thirsty. i still can't figure out why.

    i have considered juice fasting, but i am only fifteen. i'm not sure if it's smart to do something like that since i am still growing? i would give it a shot if i knew it would be beneficial. a smoothie fast could be a good idea, i think i'll try that.

    thankyou :)

  • I agree with joannabanana. I would give 80/10/10 another whirl, because it sounds to me like if you tried every single one of those "diets" you didn't give them enough time to produce effects. Have you read The 80/10/10 Diet by Doug Graham? Make sure if you try it again that you try mono-mealing. If you eat one meal of all the same food item, then it will all digest at the same time. If you consume a lot of fat like nuts and seeds, do it at the end of the day/for last meal so that it's not tiring your body.

    I feel like making digestion run smoothly definitely takes some time. I'm on Banana Island right now (you might want to look that up as well, it is currently fixing up my digestive system!) I'm pretty much only eating bananas and celery blended up (heavenly) and sooner than later it's going to push everything through and make me regular. Definitely already looking good.

    Best of luck! Try out 80/10/10 again! Fruit digests super fast and it might help get your system back on the right path!

  • Oops, I posted my reply before I saw yours. Maybe the fruit didn't feel good because you were eating large quantities and it was kind of stretching our your stomach? Or because you were detoxing? Or you were under eating?

    Smoothie fasting might be beneficial. If I were you, I would look into food combining to make sure what foods you put in your smoothie digest at similar rates as to not upset your system!

    What do you eat on a normal day?

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    I disagree with 811 if youre constipated. It made me horribly constipated and i used to have IBS so thats a deal breaker for me. Here's what has helped me:

    Do lemon with water and a pinch of cayenne in the morning. That helps to wake up the belly.

    Take digestive enzymes with every meal.

    Kombucha with a meal or by itself is super helpful for digestion.

    Green smoothies for breakfast. Add vitamineral green- its an awesome source of probiotics and other goodies.

    Crackers made with whole soaked flax seeds- those suckers go right on through.

    Chia gel- good for your muscles and def helps bm's.

    Try taking 1 T psyllium husk, 1 T bentonite clay shaken with 6-8 oz water upon rising. Wash down with another 8 oz water. Wait 20 min before eating anything else. That will help to pull water through your intestines.

    You don't have to do all of those, but any of those should help you out.

    good luck

  • babyraw, i have spent quite a bit of time with each different diet because i have been dealing with this for a year. i don't overeat or undereat, but since i am so clogged i am hardly ever hungry anyway. i kind of just eat when i should. and i couldnt have been detoxing because i had already been raw for months when i tried it out. oh and i do practice food combining and mono meals every now and then!

    typical day:

    am- lemon water

    half an hour later- veggie juice, usually carrot/cucumber/dandelion greens/ginger

    breakfast- kombucha if i have it & a mono meal of fruit

    lunch- salad w dulse, nori, 1/2 avocado & miso soup

    dinnner- a green smoothie w mixed berries,spinach or kale, and a banana or another salad w 1/2 avocado and nutritional yeast

    every now and then i also have a raw desert, a baked yam, or a little bit of nut butter after i digest dinner.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I don't think our bodies are suited to a processed food diet of nuts, seeds, clay, psyllium husk, crackers made from soaked and dehydrated this and that.

    Eat fresh, ripe fruit. NO FAT. No seeds, no nuts, no oils, no powders, just greens and fruit.

    I guess you can focus on just pooping, but if you want to focus on OVERALL health, fruit should make up the majority of your calories. (and in my case, fruit doesn't inhibit pooping. :))

  • wichten- thanks for the tips :) i've noticed that kombucha does help a little so i'll try to get more of that. i'll start putting cayenne in my lemon water in the morning. i'll have to try the psyllium husk, too.

    i do have chia gel and flax seeds, but they never really went through when i ate them. when i had my last colon hydrotherapy session a bunch of little seeds showed up in the tube.

  • I was just having issues with 'bad digestion' and found out it was bad yeast. So now on a yeast cleanse.

  • superfood, i did try that for a long time, but that much fruit just contributed to my bloating. i agree about keeping things natural, though. dehydrated foods, nuts, and seeds are not a usual part of my diet. i do eat avocados these days, and have noticed that they dont help or hurt me at all, so i feel that i might as well just enjoy them.

    i think we're all different and i just haven't really found what works for me.

  • yeah, i did a few tests for candida since my half sister has it, but it doesn't look like i have that either. hope your cleanse goes well for you! :)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Avocadoes are tasty. :)

  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    Read The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates!!!

  • erin, i've been curious about the BED, but i'm not sure if i can really follow it since veganism is not something i am ever going to be willing to compromise with. all the recipes i've seen from donna gates have involved butter or some time of dead animal. would it still be worth a read for me?

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