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I'm sure this has been posted before but I was so shocked (happily!) to see The Tree Of Live and Gabriel Cousens on mainstream TV and in such a positive light. It was show about a woman who had diabetes 2 and how she went to TTOFL and went off all her meds, insulin and lost weight. Even her general practitioner was amazed.

Of course at the end the was the typical disclaimer "Doctors dont recommend diet as a means of cure .... yadda yadda yadda." But I was thrilled just for it to be out there.

The lady is still off her meds and on raw foods.



  • If you want to see this episode it is on August 8th at 6:30 eastern time the title of the episode is

    Healing Power of Food.

    Yesterday was a episode called Fountian of Youth with a story about a Raw foods athlete it will be on again in a couple of weeks. I hope you get a change to see it.

    Just a fyi the show title is My life in food. and it is on the food network

  • KinaBolinaKinaBolina Raw Newbie

    I loved this show...seriously! The series itself is incredibly illuminating. Kudos to them for being on the cutting edge of various food movements. They visited a commune where they all grew their own food a couple episodes ago...I'm smitten.

    After the last episode aired, I called my dad (who has type 2 diabetes) and told him about it. He already knows I eat raw and that both I and my mom love, love, love raw food, but his response was less than favorable. I said, "Dad, think about more insulin!" His response, "Yeah right." It's pretty sad actually... He's a super in shape dude, for being 66 y/o he looks like a 50 year old and despite the diabetes he is very healthy so I guess he's just content where he is.

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