Raw food and feeling STUPID good.

Ever since around 2 1/2 months of being 100% raw, I frequently have times where I've just got a big fat grin plastered across my face. Sometimes it's sunshine, sometimes it's meditation, but often it seems to be the result of eating certain foods. I was just wondering if this is true for anyone else. What makes you smile like a fool?


  • what a great topic :)

    really soft, ripe medjool dates bliss me out like nothing else. i get these weird tingles/ waves of pleasure in my brain. glorious. ate one walking down the street yesterday and had to stop and close my eyes, i was overpowered!

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    At the moment, it's frozen banana ice cream which sends me into a state of bliss. My BF laughs at me as he says I look like I'm enjoying myself a little too much whilst eating it!

  • I remember after drinking my first blended salad my whole body felt like it was singing with happiness.

  • I think what you're asking is feeling stupid good AFTER consuming raw food? If so, GREEN smoothies or green juice, definitely! Or just greens! or...ALL THE TIME! haha.

    Or if your question was WHILE eating raw food... it depends on what I haven't had in a while. Usually if I eat a bunch of fruit all day, baby spinach is delicious and to die for! Or the same the other way. There have been countless occasions of moaning outloud. *smile*

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    Depends what I'm eating. It happens with almost anything though. Usually something like watermelon, or something I personally picked, open - peel - crack, and eat. It happens more often with fitness. I am a cyclist and after a 12 hour ride in the sun, consuming nothing but dates and bananas, I just get this sense of well being. Everything starts to sound so awesome. I get home, and I tell my girlfriend how much I love her. I tell my family how much they mean to me etc. And really, truly, it is a high. Fruit makes me feel better than anything I have ever eaten. Something about pushing my body physically, I am in love with the pain.

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