a stye or worse =[

Hi, I frequent this site often (or about a year). I was raw for 6 months and now eat a mix, transitioning back into 90-95%. About 3 or 4 days ago, I developed what felt like a small irritant on my lower eyelid. I thought nothing of it because I wear makeup and have had irritants before. Yesterday, it started to swell, still didn't worry, it just was very tender. This morning I woke up and it was 2 as swollen, went to work, got home around 9, washed my makeup off and low and behold, it is now bruising and very very VERY swollen. I am not allergic to anything, I wash my make up off every night, and wash my hands regularly. This scares me. I am a singer, actress, and model and like it or not, my job depends on my looks. I might possibly be flown out to Cali in a week or so for the biggest opportunity in my career thus far and can't risk anything. I am going to my doctor tomorrow but I would like to see if any body on here has any experience with something like this.


I am usually not this serious, but I am scared and this is a bit of a downer for me lol.


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  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i've gotten styes on my eyelids and i'm thinking that's what you have. i used to get them every week when i wore eye makeup, but ever since i stopped wearing it, i haven't gotten one. i usually just waited for them to go away. hot compresses never really helped me. i've heard of people putting green tea bags on their eyes to bring the swelling down.

    also, a lot of bacteria builds up in make up so i'd be careful about using it, especially if you use it often.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I feel your pain. They're such a minor ailment, as these things go, but so irritating and so distracting - it's like your whole head hurts. I used to get styes a LOT before going vegan. One thing I found soothing as well as beneficial - soak a washcloth in hot, hot, psychotically hot water and hold it over your eye as long as you can stand, like teakettle hot, not tap water hot. Also rinse out your eye with hot water a few times a day (tap water, to be on the safer side). I think the heat hastens the infection along so it heals faster. Avoid wearing makeup in the area if you can.

    One time - and I am NOT proud - I was so desperate I popped one of those suckers with a needle - it had a white "head" on it just like a pimple. It hurt for a split second, but then - aah, relief! I wasn't blinded.

  • Thank you for you comments. Joaanabanana, I totally agree with you and am pretty sure if I stopped wearing makeup, this wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately I work in a world of 2000 singer and 20,000 models all vying for the same work. It sucks, but when it comes down to it, I love what I do. I will definitely try the tea bags, that was suggested by a couple of my friends as well. Suasoria, I have been doing the HOT compress, it helps relieve some of the pressure but I haven't noticed anything else. The bumps are on the inside of my eyelid, and while I am one of those people who pops and picks at things, NOOOO WAAAAY is there a needle going that close to my eye lol.

    Thanks again for the suggestions, always much appreciated.

  • If your bruise has a purple or blue undertone, you can bend an orange colored lipstick to cancel out the color, before putting on your concealer and then coverup- this of course, after you use a cold compress to bring down swelling

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