fibromyalgia and hashimoto

Hello everybody,

since a number of years I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, some sort of cfs but with extra pain. Later it turned out I also have hashimoto's disease, an auto-immune disorder of the thyroid gland. I take daily medicine for the latter and have learnt to live with the first. But I am determined to win back my health, and am prepared to do a lot. Now I've started to go raw two weeks ago, not completely, but 50% I think. I've cut out all sugar and processed foods and dairy, almost all meat and soy etc. I feel a great improvement, so I am ready for more!!! :D

Does anyone have experience with either fibromyalgia and/or hashimoto? I feel so good, I keep forgetting to take my medicine, and maybe I can cut down in a few weeks. That would be great! Are there special things I should or should not eat? Or is there a website where I can find this specific info?

Thank you so much,

Belle from the Netherlands.


  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    Hi Belle! Congratz on your change of eating.

    I am 32 and was diagnose 1 yr ago with hashimoto and also take levo for the thyroid.

    I turn to vegan after the thyroid problem and then went vegetarian but i don't do dairy products.

    I hate that i still take the meds for it. I have been reading and learning a LOT this past year. Medical fild says thyroid condition is forever and medication is forever.I personally don't beleive it.

    I started today doing a "Master Cleanse"for 10 days and then later planning on doing a "Liver and Gallbladder cleanse".

    I was reading that thyroid problems can also be because of stones in your liver.

    I hope one day i can quit taking this meds.In the name of Jesus i will. =-)

    After this series of cleanings i will stop but will monitor my TSH levels every month to make sure the condition is under control.

    With vegetables read about goitrogens.

    About the fibromalgia i don't have it,but i am soo sure after reading lots of people testimonies it will go totally way. But remember,you have to be very careful on the stuff you eat. Process foods,preservatives,artificial flavors,junk food is what makes us sick without us knowing it.

    Try to choose everything you like to a more natural alternative.Remember,fry food is carcinogen(not sure if i wrote it right,excuse my english). So for exapmple i looved to fry egg plant. Now i season it and put it on the oven for a few minutes.

    Welcome to this journey in which you will be learning a lot every day.

    This is a great site to learn and for support. I looove and visit it every day.

    God Bless and hope you feel better.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie


    I had Fibro. For 37 years. I had been on meds in the late 90's for it, but was also in therapy and started dealing with some issues. There was a thing on this Dr who cured people of back pain just in one of his seminars. I got the Book "Healing Back Pain", by Dr Sarno. I actually stated doing his method that evening and a muscle spasm went away right then and there. Unfortualy I still had mono and Hep C (Unbeknownst to me) te deal with. So, while FMS is toxins trapped in the muscles, the diet has to be addressed, I highly recommend his book. I have at least been essentially pain free for 10 years now. Now, hopefully with going raw it will help the Hep C especially !!

  • thank you!!!

    missemy: FMS is toxins trapped in the muscles? i have not yet heard of that. will try 2 find the book by dr Sarno.

    malchusmom: I hope it will work for you. I don't believe i can end the medicine, as i think it is a chronic disease but i think i should be able to cut down. keep me informed!

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