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Where do you order your raw food online in Germany?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently visiting my mother in Germany who has become a high raw foodist herself. :-) I'm so proud of her!

Now I know that TheRawFoodWorld.com sends internationally too, but ordering it directly from somewhere in Germany would be so much cheaper of course.

As I read a few times that there are some Germans on this site, this question goes out to you:

Where do you order your raw food online in Germany? :-)

Please let me know.

Thank you so much!


  • Anyone? :-)

  • I wasn't even aware of rawfood deliveries, I am from Canada. Thanks for this post! I am sorry I can;t be of much help however. Did you try to Google "Raw food delivery Germany"?


  • i'm in uk but i often order from www.keimling.eu

    their website says "raw food and gentle juicers" :D


    it's good x

  • RosaRosa Raw Newbie

    I'm in Holland and I buy superfoods etc. in the UK, because they are cheaper there. At www.detoxyourworld.com (shazzie's company). They have great service and stickers with 'please handle with love' on their boxes... The shipping is expensive though, 20 pounds (around 22 euro).

  • okioki

    hi sonnenhut!

    i have never ordered from this site, but i read about it on another thread. maybe it helps?


    O x

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