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Any raw popcorn recipe???i need to know,plzzzzz

How can i make raw popcorn if there is any way???I am vegetarian,on my 3rd day of Master Cleanse,once done i want to cut on some other vegetarian things i like a lot like seafood. Anyways,it will be very hard to quit eating popcorn. I use dto eat it almost every other night.I bought a machine that makes the corn pop out of heat,but i returned,it was a pain in the B!!!! and to make a bowl used to take me almost an HR.

Any advice???? Thanks!!!!


  • cauliflower and nutritional yeast = yum!!

  • I would say that if you really like popcorn, just keep eating it but in moderation. Have just one small bowl every night.


  • dehydrated cauliflower with nutritional yeast is delicious, but here's the drawback. an entire head of cauliflower dehydrates down to about a half-cup of "popcorn", and it takes hours if not over night. so unless you are planning to view a movie in exactly 12 hours and have bought four or five cauliflower heads in advance, the spontaneity of making popcorn to go with that movie kinda goes out the window. I don't feel too guilty about air popping some corn and tossing it with nutr. yeast. ... I like to think the totally nutrition-less corn is counterbalanced by the yeast. Of course, this is not an option if you feel that cooked food is poison (which I don't, but I think that the more raw, the better!)

  • also, I should say that as I began to eat more and more healthy food the appeal of popcorn eventually wore off. I rarely ever eat it anymore- maybe once every six months or so.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    After two years, I still crave popcorn, that is until I started making kale chips. I think the salty crunch takes care of that. I haven't wanted popcorn since I started eating them. It was the only thing I still wanted that wasn't raw.

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    I miss popcorn too, as we used to make it on the stove frequently. Unfortunately, the raw popcorn that I've had (raw cauliflower and nutritional yeast and cayenne) didn't do it for me. I have yet to try it dehydrated though, that might change the flavour.

    I have also heard great things about kale chips, but I haven't made them yet myself.

  • do you actually make your own kale chips, Danifon ? because I kept hearing how divine they were and so I made some in my crazy, funny, cheap-but-it-works Ronco dehydrator. And they were awful. AWFUL! I was so dissapointed. What is the secret to making them tasty? (Maybe I should post this somewhere else, come to think of it, since this is a thread about popcorn.... )

  • I love popcorn, I melt coconut oil over the air popper and pour it on taste great and better for you than other versions

    sometimes I add a little sea salt

  • sweetsweet Raw Newbie

    For me Sprouted dehydrated buckwheat is almost like popcorn.

    Heres a link on youtube, for the recipe!!!

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I just saw Mariposa's comment! the first batch I made was awful. Now I blend together a handful of cashews, a tomato, a half a red bell pepper, 2 T nutritional yeast, juice from half a lime, a little salt and enough water to get it moving. I put it on my kale so that it is coated and looks like caesar salad. Then I sprinkle on a little more yeast and dehydrate. Everyone that's tried them loves them. THe last time I went to the movies, I took a container full anad wasn't bothered by my friend eating popcorn.

  • Thanks for the Kale Chips idea! I bought some and LOVED them, but they are too expensive for me to buy regularly. I'm trying to develop raw snacks they don't involve sugar (agave, lots of dates, cacao, etc). I had never heard of the cauliflower snacks either. I know its kind of simple and not the same, but I like munching on celery sticks because of the natural saltiness and the crunch. You can munch kind of mindlessly and not do too much damage to the tummy. I also like them with guac.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    LOL! I'm munching on my cauliflower/"nooch" popcorn right now!

  • Kale chips are awesome... not really like popcorn but it satisfies that craving for me!! I rub my kale in some olive oil and sprinkle some nutritional yeast flakes and cayenne on them... nom nom so good. But, bear in mind that you need a LOT of kale, because it shrinks down so much in the D. not to mention, it never lasts long around me and my boyfriend anyway! he's not raw and he gobbles them up even quicker than I do!

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