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Blood Pressure and Master clean,WHAT IS GOING ON???? =-O

malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

I feel like crap!!!! so sad right now. Not because of the Master CLeanse,today is the end of my 3rd day,so far good,no healing crisis,just the regular light simptoms.

But i just measure my Blood Pressure and at first was 158/43 and then like 10 mts later 138/60 ,IS IT BECAUSE THE BODY IS IN SHOCK???

I am keeping a journal since is my first MC,yesterday my blood pressure was 132/60.

I never been on medication for it. I do get stress out with the kids,bu normally my readings are stress 145/70 and normal 130/65.

I told my hubby i was going to quit tomorrow ( and he told me i was going to finish it up because he spend $18 on the maple syrup,lol, not funny)the cleanse because i don't want my BP to raise. I think i am a maniac measuring the BP because my mom suffer a brain aniurism(6 yrs ago)thank God she is a walking miracle,but since that i focus too much on mine. I am 32,5'10 and on my ideal weight of 145.

Any advice?? i have read that after the cleanse the BP gets normal.

Is this part of the simproms,because if it is i have not read anything about it nowhere.

Thanks for reading.

=-( sad mama tonight.


  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    you're on day three. hang in there. day 4 and day 5 will get easier, and by day 6 you'll be free sailing. Don't freak. you and your body are just going through the normal detoxification process. cheers.

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    luxdivon,i feel soo sad right now.(in tears) =-(

    I don't feel i am getting the support i want from my husband and i really hate to see my BP like this. now is 160/90

    that is the highest i had it ever!!!!!

    i am totally freaking out!!!

    and if the body is going thru the process why am i not having like a huge headache,or feel unconfortable??? i really feel fine,just the coated tonge,this morning lots of mucus,sneezing,and some hunger here and there.

    Now that i think about it i didn't drink much water today like yesterday. I got family over and the kids were crazy!!

    i did got me all the 12 or more glasses of the MC,but not water itself.

    I honestly want to stop this but if i do it i will regret and know will feel like a quitter,like crap,like a falier and i don't want to.

    I was soooo excited about the hole MC.

    I hope i feel better and hope my BP goes down.

    Thanks so much for writing. Will be praying. =-(

    ((and excuse my bad english,still practicing)

  • Your bp is also influensed by stress and anxiety. The more you worry about it, the more it will influence your bp.

    Take it easy. I would recommend measuring your bp 1 a month or every 14 days instead and follow the develpment.

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    I agree with pp, you said you were totally freaking out and that's definitely not helping! I know it's hard not to, but even subtle stuff can affect bp. Ever heard of White Coat Syndrome? Some people have elevated bp just because it's a nurse or doctor taking it. lol Check out the Master Cleanse forums here:


    Tons & tons of info there, and lots of support too. Post on the "2009: What day are you on and how are you doing?" thread, that's where the most activity is. HTH! :)

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    yes as they have said, go to specific master cleanse sites so you can have your experience with them as they are. I used mastercleanse.org, and it was a great resource to me. Don't Stop!!!! if you stop it will only make matters worse, as all the toxins that are being moved out of your body, will get stopped, and lodged in your system, which will probably really make you sick. Stick with it. you won't be sorry. Keep us updated, and yes relax, you are in the hands of your body, which is so brilliant it knows exactly what to do with this time you have given it to clean house, rest and recharge. Best Wishes!

    Everyone gets a coated tongue. It's part of the process

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    Thanksagain ludixvon, lushpapaya and freewitheft,i feel better this morning. I wen to bed at 3am,i was so sad. This morning my BP was 128/82,not bad.

    I skipt the salt flush water and drank a tea instead. I think i panic,i was so nervous and hubby not helping at all. I was watching "waiting to exheale"and fell sleep in the couch.

    Ohh what a night!!!

    I don't want to break it,i want to get to my 10 days.

    Thanks for your kind words,they really make me feel better and i will stop focusing on my BP,i will hide the machine and will relax,walk and take it easy.

    God Bless!

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    Glad you're doing better. :) Who knows, you may have hit a spell of major detox and your body is now catching up with clearing out the toxins. It seems like no two Master Cleanses go the same way, even with the same person. lol On my first, I felt great for days 1-5, then like crap for days 6-7, great again on days 8-9, like crap on day 10, but it passed by the end of the day so I broke the fast as planned the following morning.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    i would say stop measuring your bp, do some yoga or slow walk in a tranquil place, pet some animals (go to a shelter if you dont have pets, theyll let you play with the animals). smell the flowers and breathe deep. Detox is about letting go- no holding tight. You can do this! As they say, Let go, and let God.

    Take today to tell your friends you appreciate them, your husband you love him, and give your kids extra hugs today and feel the gratitude at how good it all is.

  • BP can change 10-20 mmhg at anytime during the day depending on what you are doing. I normally have low BP and saw it drop even lower while on the MC. Heart rate will also slow a bit and you may have a weaker pulse when you are farther along on the cleanse. Higher BP levels is probably just from your stress. You don't wanna rush results either. Try and relax its not going to be normal while on the cleanse anyway. Goodluck to you. You can make it ;)

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