Does anyone on here do rebounding for exercise? If so, would you recommend it? Is it effective?


  • oh yes, highly recommended! i usually do 20-30 minutes every day or every other day and it feels wonderful! there are lots of expensive mini tramps but i just have an "urban rebounder" which came with an instructional DVD, teaching some great moves, for only $99. read more about that here:

    rebounding is ultra energizing and great to get the lymph moving to support detox. just put on some tunes and dance in time to the beat or watch a video if you like to help pass the time. lately i've started watching the youtube "cafe gratitude" raw speaker series while bouncing. have you heard of it? here's a link to sacred steve adler's amazing talk last month:

    enjoy! diana

  • Thanks Diana! :) I'll have to get started rebounding!

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    I would like to chime in on that my rebounder. I do that one day, and then lift the next (not that I am buff) but swim in the summer. But love the rebounder.

  • Thanks for the reply :), I currently am doing 30-40 minutes of yoga a day, and I think i'll add in the same time on a rebounder for some cardio type activity.

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    I got me one but i can only do like 5 mts,lol

    sometimes i feel i will fall out of it.(my 2 kids don't help tryiong to get on it while i jump,i will try to last at least 10 mts. I did read is good to drink lots of fluids after that way helps get ride of toxins in your lymphnodes.

  • Thats great :) It's good to know something that fun is that good for you! lol

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    But think how great it is for your kids though, makes me wonder if I should have been so hard on them when they would jump on the bed??? They are 27 & 28 now, would do it again (better) in a heartbeat !!!

  • I'm a kid myself ;), only 15 years old haha.

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