Our Anniversary trip

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Just had to share about this one as I hope this will make some laugh. But our 30th anniversary is coming up in a month. ANd we planned it around a RAW restaurant I have always wanted to go to. Even though today I am at just 3 weeks, I went raw years ago and had the book "RAW". I so wanted to try his stuff, (especially the peanut butter sandwhich) As I gave up. I ended up selling his book on amazon.com, but still wanted to go to his place when we would go up the coast (Oh, we live in So Cal) as it was in Ojai. But could never find his place there. SO, was looking at a raw restaurant guide, and found him in Santa Monica !!! And there's another raw place there too. SO, went to hotel.com and found a really nice hotel, just a block from the beach, with a beautiful pool, and full day spa, down comferters.... RAW is 3/4 a mile away, so we can walk to it, the other is only 1/2 mile, they do take out and delivery. we love to garage sale (I am an antique dealer) and the Santa Monica Flea Market is that weekend. so am thrilled. also, my Husband said he would go raw for 4 days starting tomorrow. So, now I have to plan a menu for 4 days....Help. I think I will still make him cooked millet in the mornings per the book, rainbow book? living green and raw...well, whatever, don't want to starve him, but he has got to do something drastic. his middle isn't going down. well, anyway...just thought I'd share.



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    That sounds like a dream anniversary trip to me! I hope you have a wonderful time!

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