My mom got a Vita-mix recently, but she says that she is not impressed with it considering that she paid over $600.

She has yet to use it, and I told her that she should at least give it a try.

AW, if you own a Vita-mix, could you please give me your opinion on it or any advice.

How long has your Vita-mix lasted?

What is your Vita-mix made of?

Does a Vit-mix made of glass exist?

Is the Vita-mix the best there is?

How much did you pay for yours and where did you get it?

Thanks to all who respond.


  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    funny you should ask I am looking at it riht now, everyone says they are the best, but am looking at the Breville Die-Cast Hemisphere Blender, with a Bed bath and beyond coupon I can get it at almost half the price. It says it does nuts and leaves no lumps in the smoothies.

  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    JCTVCBN - How can she be 'not impressed' if she has not tried it yet? I don't have a Vita Mix (yet), but from what I hear, it becomes a lot more 'impressive' once its been put to use :)

    Also, if you search the forums, you should find a few posts about this topic, or more specifically, Vita Mix vs Blendtec. Those threads may contain the answers you're looking for.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    well, I thought that too fortune,but thought maybe she was just referring to the body of it. I was looking at the Breville, not the blendtec.

  • I have had a vita-mix for a year now and I love it. I use it almost every day for green smoothies. I have made ice cream, salsa and soup in it too. It is the most used piece of equipment other than my refridgerator in my kitchen. I started with a Hamilton Blender and it was no comparison to the super charged motor the vita-mix has. I have a friend who has a Blend-tec who is equally happy with theirs. I got mine at Costco which is a little cheaper under $400. vita-mix has a seven year warranty so I am not too concerned about how long it lasts. I think the best thing about it is it is self cleaning. When I saw that demo I bought the dang thing on the spot and threw out my Hamilton which has lots of pieces to wash. All you do is fill it up with water, add dish soap, put on its lid and put it back on its base and run the machine a minute or so, turn it off, rinse with clean water, turn upside down to drain which helps its bearings last longer. Once you get next to using a blender with this much power you will love it too.

  • Yes,thanks Missemy,

    I was referring to the body. My mom says it looks to simple to cost so much. That is why I wanted others opinion on the Vita-mix. I did tell her to try it and then if she still doesn't like it, that she could send it back.

  • It may look simple, but it is very powerful. In fact, the first time I turned mine on it scared me! I have had mine for almost a year now and don't see how I could ever live without it.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    I just informed my husband about how on the way to our 30th anniversary trip, where we are going to Santa Monica (where there is the famous RAW restaurant by Julianne, and why we, well I picked Santa Monica) is the LA country Fair, and they are demonstrating the Vita-mix....oh the look on his face. But am still thinking about the Breville as well though. It's at Bed bath & Beyond and they have a killer return policy if I don't like it.

    And your welcome JC,


  • All I can say is Im in love with my Vita Mix, I have wanted one since I was 11 and I am 28, just purchased a couple of months ago. I bought it online for $400.00 free shipping, I dont know if its the best but it is the best I have ever used.

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