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Flea and ticks

ddigiacomoddigiacomo Raw Newbie
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How do you keep fleas and ticks off your pets without using frontline or any other chemical?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie
    edited September 2020

    Food grade Diatomaceous Earth. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. We got fleas for the first time this summer from my dog. It sucked, but there was no way I was going to flea bomb my house or put chemicals on my pets. I did some research and found DE. It's awesome!

    While waiting for the stuff to arrive, I washed all of our blankets and pillows. I also used baking soda and salt on the carpets. I left it on for a couple days and then vacuumed it up. It worked pretty well (fleas need moisture and the mixture dries them out).

    When I got DE, I just spread it on my carpets and put some on my dog and indoor/outdoor cat. All of our itching was gone within 24 hours!

    To prevent another flea infestation, I just put some DE on my dog and cat about once a week. It takes 5 seconds and we have not had any more fleas all summer!

    Good luck,



  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    I ended up getting one of those combs at the pet store that are made to get rid of fleas, and just continuing to comb through her fur. It's teatious, but it will work. I have a bowl of soapy water next to me to put the fleas in to kill them, and then a paper towel to wipe them off. I would do it every night till she stopped scratching. and of course until I couldn't find any more. (But I have mini doxies, not hard to comb through her fur, and too, she was small, if you have a rotwieler, well, good luck ;))

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    k, that is scary, now there is a flea ad next to this forum? that is just a little big brother-isk !

  • hi be very careful with ticks.. I have lyme disease which I have passed onto my daughter from a tick bite. you cant just pick the tick off either or the head burrows in and it can cause the dog to then contract lyme disease. have a look on the internet about lyme disease in pets. It can also obviously bit the owner and cause the same problem.

    buy a tick remover for your dog or also for yourself JUST incase.

  • ddigiacomoddigiacomo Raw Newbie

    They dont have fleas thank god. I did however see a tick running around on him last night. Luckily i was able to grab it, I threw it outside because i didnt want to take the risk of it jumping out of my fingers. I will try the Diatomaceous Earth. lol missy I guess its because now all these engines have smart words. So now whenever you type in a word that matches what the add is for it will come up somewhere on the page. Can be kinda scary but a great invention for business owners.

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    During flea season I put a couple of drops of orange oil on my dog's nylon collar. Don't know if it works for ticks as well or not. We frequently spend time on the Gulf Coast where there is plenty of sand and fleas abound. In the past, fleas have been a big problem when we were on the coast. The orange seems to do the trick. I think Beanybeegan posted this hint on a thread, probably last year. You might search the site for additional suggestions.

    He has severe separation anxiety, and chamomile oil on his collar or bedding also works to keep him calm while I'm away.

  • i went through hell with fleas on my dogs and finally began to supplement their food with nutritional yeast and garlic powder. it worked amazingly well. i have not had a problem since then. i don't know if this would help with ticks, but part of what helps is that the bugs are not attracted to the smell that these supplements give the dogs (its nothing i notice, but something bugs pick up on), so it may have a similar effect on other bugs, like ticks. but i tell anyone about this who has flea issues with dogs because it is the most simple and inexpensive solution i know of. good luck!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie
    edited September 2020

    You can also just spray garlic water on your pets before you go outdoors. Also, the Neem Protect Spray is supposed to work really well.


  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Swayze - where did you find that product??? Thanks!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie
    edited September 2020

    To be honest, I cannot remember where I bought it from. I just searched it online and bought the cheapest I could find. :)


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