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I have been getting dizzy when I get up for awhile now, any ideas?

I'm going to the doctor Thursday and I'm afraid they're going to tell me it's my diet. Yet I love being almost all raw vegan/vegetarian. Any ideas on what it cld be?




  • You could try to eat something to slowly release carbs through the night and keep your blood sugar up while morning.

    It could be low blood pressure, but I'm not sure what to do for that yet apart from get up gradually. Ie don't literally jump out of bed.

    Absolutely see what the doctor says for sure.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    me too, the low blood pressure theory sounds plausable for me. Thanks for sharing, I was just about to ask as well. But I can't eat nuts, and when I eat fruit my blood sugar levels rise and Fallllll.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I was going to say the same, low BP. I'm wondering if I might have it too, I'm very active so have a low resting pulse, and every time I go to the doc I have a good BP, but recently have started having tingling sensations in my hands and fee. I heard of another person that had low BP said her hands and feet fall asleep really easy. I'm wondering if mine may have dropped, I never feel it when I'm active.

    But seeing your general practitioner would be a good idea.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    I read in one of my health book (Linda Page) that people with Low BP need more sodium and vegan sources of protien. that's the simple version, so have been doing things like celery and hemp seeds. May be abit better, not sure. I took my BP, and it was 98/58. But still slow in the energy dept, and you may not have it when you have energy, double edge sword. Hence faigue is a symptom of it.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    try taking a b12 supplement?

  • My sister had dizzy spells when she was not drinking enough water. That's easy enough to correct.

    Also, I've found it's easy to not get enough calories. I'm always full on fresh. I now enter my calorie count on

    calorie-count.com. You'd be surprised that even when you feel full, you're really not getting enough calories.

    Seems like you'd never get dehydrated on Raw but many of the foods I eat like kale, lemon or beets are detoxifying and so dehydrate you. When you have detoxifying veggies and fruits it's good to take more water to replace what is drawn out.

    Good luck. It's hard to know sometimes what your body is trying to say.

  • Get tested for Hypothyriod.



  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    great sights, but now that I am really depressed. Just so much to think about, all the different things to take, not to take, eat, not to eat. I have a nodule on my thyroid, but my thyroid tests out fine. Even with my biofeedback that I have done. But still take herbs for it through my natureopathic. (sp?) And am rather thin, so it couldn't be the hashamotos (again sp?) I think it could be candida as been having a lot of fruit, and thought the candida was better so slacked off of my usual things I take to combat it. will go do some garlic. dang it, I am so tired of being ill, 10 years. I wonder what it would be like to have a whole week, ya know, 7 days in a row of feeling descent. well, sorry to complain, it just gets old.... oh, had my fillings removed years ago. Maybe it's just me detoxing, started taking flax seed oil last night, a lot left my body thing morning, so maybe it's just me releasing a lot of "stuff".

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    missemy, if you are new to raw your symptoms could be detox. I was very foggy headed for several weeks, if not months. It seemed like it lasted forever. My body was pretty toxic though. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    Thanks Caleb,

    I think it could be, as yes, have am pretty toxic as well. I have Hep C, so my liver has been compramized, or the candida. I did feel better in the evening though, so thanks. And so far a little hyper this morning, but have all my salads made up for today, my husbands dinner done, and am wokring on laundry...so yea! love the hyper days, it's just I shouldn't go out in public as I might say something I might regret ;)

    thanks again.


  • avongrandma, I have had this all my life - due to very low blood pressure - and the doctor always told me to just move around more slowly...or eat lots of eggs and cheese to raise my blood pressure (sounds like SOLID advice hey? what an idiot...)

    umm, but maybe you could try moving to the edge of your seat and then slowly rising? that's what I have to do!

    ha, it could also be because you're very tall? My friend who was VERY tall often keels over from gettin gup to quickly ... but that's just because he's stinking tall:)

  • I've had what this sounds like since I've been a teen (and that was before being vegetarian and eating higher raw). It's from low bp (in my case). Did this only start after your diet change? If so, that it may have to do with it (not enough calories or some nutrient?)

    If not, maybe it's low bp too, have you checked yours lately?

    It is always better to be checked out to make sure that's all it is.

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    for me, yes, have had it before I went raw. ended up having a really slow day after just eating jicama salad, so have decided to go and seek a naturopathic Dr as well as my biodfeedback Dr. The naturopathic I found does hydrotherapy treatments. Has anyone heard of them? my digestion is just too slow and so very tired of it. I am a bit slow this morning, but have had my morning green smoothie, and did the dishes so all my different blenders are clean and ready to go if need be. scared to eat anything but greens. (not sure how I collected ao many, but hey....they come in handy

  • I had that issue and got nutritinal yeast to add to my food. It is basically B-12 and worked wonderfully not to mention it makes a GREAT cheese sauce as well as a coating for RAW popcorn!! YUMMY. HTH Jodi

  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    well, figrued it out. just got off the phone with my biofeedback Dr, it's candida, it was through the roof. so no more fruit. dang, just when I thought I could eat it. well, taking raw garlic and other things to combat it. I hate it.

  • wow, how do u do raw w/o fruit??? But wow, THANKS for all the answers! I was just now able to get to the computer! But it is just almost every time I get up...not just when I get up in the morning, just any time I stand up or if I bend down. I have always had low blood pressure and just had it checked recently (I dislocated my elbow). Nutritional Yeast flakes are B-12???? I didn't know that! I have been taking one sub-lingual B-12 that I put under my tongue. How many mg or whatever shld we have of B-12? I go to the Dr in the morning. Can't wait!!! Getting pretty worried. Between that and the bloody stools. We'll see!!! Thank u so much for the great advice! I will take any of it!!!!

  • delalunadelaluna Raw Newbie

    Nutritional Yeast flakes do not contain B12. Just B-complex vitamins.

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    people with health problems ESPECIALLY should really look into the 80/10/10 diet. hundreds if not thousands of people have cured all kinds of health problems. http://foodnsport.com/ more can be found at 30bananasaday.com

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    dizziness can be caused by lack of sleep and not consuming enough calories

    eat more often if you are a small meal eater

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    This was happening to me. My Naturopath said that this should never happen to anyone. Mine was caused by my Adrenal System being completely shut down. What I do for it is so simple! I take 1 tsp of salt in some water and drink it. That's it. My toes were turning purple pretty badly too and it also helped that (another symptom of my adrenal system being out of whack from some old/bad meds). I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

  • Well I went to the doctor. Like a lot of u said, it is low blood pressure. I've always been on the low end and had small movey veins, but this new med made it go way low. They took it four times. Sitting, laying, then sitting up, then standing up. She said it went WAY down when I stood up. They took blood, which was REALLY REALLY hard...she had to take it out of my hand!!!! that hurt!!! And it stopped so she had to move the needle around and around and man, that hurt. So, they are supposed to be calling me 2moro w/ the results. I think they're checking for Anemia, not sure what else, if anything. And the blood in the stools was a fissure, a cut. This is kinda crude, but I told my life-long best friend "I have a whole in my ass!". She said "everyone does!". LOL So not so worrisome, altho I read up some on low blood pressure and it can be dangerous, but it did list my symptoms, I've been really exhausted too during all this. No wonder, I'm not getting proper oxygen thru my body! So, any advice to raise my blood pressure to a NORMAL level naturally???? I stopped taking that new medicine and I can already feel a difference! I got quite a lot done today! Thx guys!!!! It means so much for the support! Have a great Monday! *HUG* Kris

  • I have had dizzy spells for years and low blood pressure. Recently I started to have spells where my heart started to race also. I went to a cardiologist to find out what was going on and had a few tests done. The tilt table test showed that I have POTS syndrome(Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome). I just got diagnosed a few days ago and don't know how to treat it yet, but it might be something you may want to look into. I've heard that it's quite often overlooked by doctors.

  • What is the "tilt table test"?

  • The tilt table test is where they have you strapped to a table and tilt the table so that you are standing 70% upright. They continually keep track of your blood pressure and pulse to see if there are any changes. If you start displaying symptoms during the 30 minutes that you are being held upright, then you have some kind of orthostatic intolerance. Sometimes they inject a substance similar to adrenaline if you don't show symptoms right a way to see what happens when your heart rate is increased. It is a harmless test and I'm glad that I had it done.

  • Hi Avon:

    Below are some of the causes of dizziness:

    1. low blood sugar

    2. low blood pressure

    3. inner ear infection

    4. cervical spine rotation

    5. inner ear as it relates to balance

    6. side effect of medication

    7. pregnancy

    8. perimenopause

    9. vision changes

    As you can see there are a variety of conditions that could result in episodes of dizziness.

    Therefore it is very important to see your doctor who knows you, your medications, lifestyle, etc.

    I invite you to visit my free website where you will find information on health and wellness.

    Dr. Linda Mundorff, MPH,MSN,ND,RN,CNC,CTN

    Bridges to Health


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Dizziness upon standing up is known as orthostatic hypotension, and it is a direct result of dysfunctioning adrenal glands.

    You should try supporting your adrenal glands with adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha, jiaogulan, maca root, schizandra berry, siberian ginseng, licorice root, reishi etc.

    And high vitamin C and vitamin B5 foods.


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