fruit&vegetables: good combination?


Maybe is a simple question but im confused :S

Can i mix vegs & fruits in the same meal? I mean according to the food combination that I found, fruits must be eaten alone ( for breakfast, snack..) wait 30' and then you can eat other things, for example a salad with pieces of mango or pineapple is not good.

But I found a lot of juice and smoothies recipes that mix vegs and fruits. I personally dont like pieces of fruits in a salad but i'd like to try vegs+fruits juices or eat a couple of dates for dessert.

Does anybody can help me?



  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    The main rule of food combining is that fruits should not be combined with any other foods. Dates are more of a carbohydrate than a fruit, so they may be combined with better results than other fruits. As for juices, I don't think it matters as much since nothing is 'digesting' - the liquid (juice) is almost immediately absorbed upon ingestion, passing digestion and therefore (usually) avoiding digestive discomfort.

    However, everyone is different and may experience different symptoms. If your digestion is strong and you can handle eating fruits with other foods (without experiencing any symptoms such as gas, bloating, indigestion, etc), then go for it!

    If you are not sure, try keeping a 7 day food diary and keep track of what you eat, any symptoms you felt immediately after eating, and later on after eating, and also record what your bowel movements were like. This can give insight into diet and what sort of changes may be necessary to address symptoms (if any).

  • Thanks a lot Fortune!!

    I will try the vegs&fruits juices then.

    You talk about gas and indigestion, and maybe you know why I have gas and sometimes indigestion without bad mixed meals

  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    Well it's hard to say what you need, since I know so little about you, but it sounds like probiotics may be helpful. They can help to restore natural intestinal flora that aid with digestion and nutrient assimilation (your flora may have been compromised by anti-biotics, birth control pill, chlorinated water consumption, alcohol consumption, prescription medication, etc). You can take them in supplement form, or try fermented foods such as rejuvelac and sauerkraut.

    Only one bowel movement per day on a raw foods diet is rare; 3-4 per day is ideal, and easy to achieve on a raw diet (bowel movements help to excrete toxins and 'clean' the body). Increase your water consumption, increase your veggies and reduce your fruit, and that should get things moving a little better. Bananas can be constipating as well, so maybe cut back on them until your digestion improves.

    Remember that each of us is different, and we all tolerate different foods with different results. I do not tolerate plain, raw bananas as well as frozen or otherwise 'manipulated' bananas (in smoothies, puddings, etc). I really suggest keeping a food diary for a few days, but don't 'tailor' your diet while recording it just so that you 'behave' on paper! Track how you really eat, and what you feel after eating, and then look for ways to improve your symptoms. Maybe you will find that bananas don't feel like a rock if you have a little food already in your stomach, or maybe you will just find that life is better when you avoid bananas. Don't be afraid to experiment!

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    i need to blend bananas or else they are constipating. also be sure that all ofyour fruit is ripe when you eat it. many people do not know that bananas need to be well spotted to be ripe. the skins spot when the bananas give off gases during their ripening, so no spots means not ripe! :) you'll figure it all out, it's just part of the process.

    oh, and onions always cause bloating and gas for me so i odn't eat them. you could try blending your salad into a soup for easier digestion. also, i feel much better when i eat very little fat in a day, i find it slows down my digestion and then the other food thats in there just sits.

    food combining is pretty important for me to have good digestion. and you should definitely be going to the bathroom more than once a day! you'll get there, hun

  • Fruits and leafy greens are awesome to combine, especially in green smoothies. I've heard that the digestion times required for varying foods are nullified when the foods are blended really well, as with a high-speeed blender. I've been doing green smoothies for a couple of years and I sometimes add nuts or seeds and still have no problems.

    That being said, I agree with the other posters - everyone is different and you have to learn your own body's tolerances. If you learn something like Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing, truth testing), you may be able to short-cut your experiments by first learning what foods are toxins to you. I can't eat flax seed, green peppers, raw onions or garlic and ripe (spotted) bananas, though I can have not-fully-ripe bananas. There are far more food effects than we are usually told. Foods that are toxins can cause digestive upsets of various sorts, energy imbalances, mood changes, etc. My husband becomes much more likely to have anger outbursts when he eats white or yellow corn, but blue corn is OK. He gets wheezy after wheat at night. Can you imagine how long it would take to isolate those issues without a shortcut like muscle testing???

  • Thanks for the answers and support!

    Ups! I have many doubts about the way im doing so every comment is a gift for me :)

    Yes, I think I should go to the toilet more than once a day 'cos I dont eat anaything but greens, fruits, water, some seeds...Anyway Im going to drink veggies juices and i will see.

    Jenoz I will check kinesiolgy, Fortune im going to take probiotics as you suggest 'cos I used to drink beer and diet coke :(

    Lulushka I envy your sister :) !

    Zinfandel hmm maybe is the onion...I eat one or one and a half per day.... :(


    ps. sorry for my english Im spanish ;)

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