Soaked Nuts

Hi Everybody,

I am new to this lifestyle and I havent actually gone raw yet. I am reading up on recipes and alot of them call for soaked nuts. What do I soak the nuts in and for how long? Cashews, macadamians can be used for examples. Thank you.


  • ddigiacomoddigiacomo Raw Newbie

    Soak nuts in filtered or spring water. Different nuts usually require different soak times, almonds being one of the longest soak time. Usually your easiest way it to just soak them overnight.

  • ok now I understand. Thank you :)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Cashews do not need to be soaked... unless the recipe calls for (it would be just for texture then).

    Soak nuts in water... about twice more water than nuts so (I'm guessing) the water can hold more of the enzyme inhibitors being removed.

    The purpose is to remove the enzyme inhibitors... increase nutrient density... and make it easier to digest.

    Change the water every 4-6 hours. I change it every 12 hours... which is why I add plenty water.

    Make sure jar in which you are soaking is not covered... allow air in.

    Soak nuts in water at room temperature for up to 48 hours. People usually soak for much less.

    Soak seeds in water at room temperature for up to 24 hours. People usually soak for much less.

    Once germinated, store the nuts/seeds in water in the fridge. They are bioactive! Change the water every 1 to 2 days.

    They will keep in fridge germinated for up to about a week.

    Or dehydrate them to store longer... for weeks!

  • ok so do both nuts and seeds need to be soaked in jars? How will you know when the nuts have been germinated?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yes, soak them in jars, bowls...etc

    How else would you soak them?

    I wouldn't soak them in plastic. Besides... the tannin in the walnuts that comes out during germinating may stain your container. (I haven't tested that)

    How will you know? There are are charts that give soaking times. Here's one for example:

    You'll probably just be germinating them (soaking) ...and not sprouting them... for various recipes.

  • So when you soak the quinoa (for example) and you leave it soaked (for sprouting purposes) for 1 day (as the veggiewave chart says), then while it is still in the water, I will see it sprout?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    For sprouting... once you soak it you have to take it out of water and rinse every day or so... the quinoa will then sprout.

    Here's an excellent website on sprouting quinoa (and others):

  • germin8 wow! That website is wonderful and explains the whole process in much needed detail. Thank you so much!

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