What is a good Healthy Breast Supplement to take????

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Just wondering. A yr ago i got a mammogram done because i felt it weird(no mass or anything). After the mammogram they wanted me to have a ultrasound because they said the breast tissue was dense and thank God came back normal. They recommended 400 iu of vitamin E,plus no chocolate,caffeine and sodas(thank God i quit those 43 yrs ago).

I have read that in the long term the radiation from mammogram can cause breast cancer,is it true?? do any of u take a special supplement for healthy breast???



  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    I mean 3 yrs,not 43 omg! lol

  • From what I've read the best way to keep your breasts healthy is to just keep your whole self healthy:) but that doesn't really help out very much...ha, sorry, I promise to be more brilliantly helpful next time!

  • In Korea I've been told that breast massages help to keep them quite free of any settling...stuff?...I'm not sure what you'd call the stuff that'd settle in your breasts, so I'll just call it "settled bits." I've yet to experience one of these breast massages, but I'm sure it'd feel pretty interesting:)

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    tabbycats_tofu - i've done those breast massage things... it's really painful, not enjoyable at all! i'd much rather prefer using rose essential oil for a calming breast massage.

    malchusmom - the estrogen in soy products (especially soy beans) is really good for healthy breasts. but i don't use soy personally.

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    Mammograms do indeed contain radiation that can contribute to health problems such as cancer later in life. There are other safer and more diagnostic tools now than mammograms, which are slowly becoming 'old news'.

    The best way to keep your breasts healthy is to keep yourself healthy. Eating lots of fresh, organic raw foods supplies good nutrients for your body to heal itself and grow, but water is also very important. Also, massage can help because it stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid (body's cellular waste).

    A lot of toxins are stored in breast tissue, which means these toxins can be passed to babies during breastfeeding, increasing their toxic load quite dramatically (it has been noted by some experts that if human breast milk were tested for toxicity, it would not be safe for consumption by USDA standards). It is very good practice for both mom and baby to expel and discard the first few ounces from each feeding, as those ounces contain the most toxins. This reduces the toxic load to both parties and reduces incidence of disease for both as well.

    This is a really fantastic book that all women should read. Whether you have had breast cancer or not, it is packed with valuable, holistic advice for keeping our bodies healthy and free of breast cancer.


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    I understand your concern. I really may never know why, that I have a goiter. But, I can trace it back 10 years. And that is when I got a few mamograms as that is when I turned 40, and goiters are caused by radiation. Again, I don't know, but something to consider. I woudn't wish a bad thyroid on anybody. Of couse, I also had Hep C, (unbeknownst to me) so I think too, my liver was able to detox the radiation, so I was at higher risk for a goiter, but still. I no longer get them and just laugh when y Dr sends me the paperwork to go and get them.


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    Thank u ladiess for your responses,fortune,i will get that book,missemy,i do also have a goiter(smaller now)with 2 nodules on it and have hypothyroid. My husband also tells me not to talk so much on the cell phone because it causes radiation.

    ohhhhhhhh my god!!! Just came to my mind,i remember last yr i bought me at Chamberlins a pill call "advir" it cost me like $19 and it helped with healthy breast. I think i will get them again,i totally forgot about that.

    I am trying to eat as healthy as possible. I did stop my medication for my thyroids before i did the master cleanse a month ago. I will have it check in 2 weeks to see how are my levels.

    I have to confess something. I suffer from social anxiety(((((((((BAD)))))))))))))i feel soo stupid for this. Before i go to a social family gathering i take a xanax with a drink of beer. I think this is affecting me for the past couple of weeks since i have so many family members visiting from my country.

    I need help with this,don't know how to get it. I pray to God a lot to help me,i think it has to do with the adrenal glands and the thyroid problem,i also get hypocondriac thinking i have all kinds of things happening to me.

    (((((((crying))))))))))) =-(

    Is there any hope???? I want to be healthy for my babies and family. I used to be very outgoing,happy,talkative and loud,now so shy and not sociable.

    Thanks for reading and understanding,plz don't think i am crazy.have not reach that point jet,lol

  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    Ok malchusmom, take a deep breath and calm down. Social anxiety is VERY common and you should not be ashamed about it. A lot of medications just cover the symptoms, instead of going to the root cause. Perhaps some counseling or talking to someone about this might help - a lot of us have anxiety because we think so much and never talk about our thoughts with other people, who may be able to offer insight.

    You may also find supplementing a B50 vitamin (50mg of each B vitamin) very helpful, as B vitamins are necessary for stress management and anxiety prevention. They are totally safe to take, and do not have any side effects or any contraindication with medication. B vitamins come from food, but are easily destroyed by heating, processing, etc. Unfortunately, a raw vegan diet does not supply a lot of B vitamins, since B vitamins are present mostly in beans, grains, and some nuts/seeds. It can be very difficult, and I would even say impossible in most cases, to receive enough B vitamins from diet alone to address something like anxiety.

    Try to take a few moments each day to sit quietly somewhere by yourself, and reflect on WHY you feel so anxious, and what brings these emotions to the surface when family is visiting. Maybe you will uncover some issues that you can work on by yourself or with your family/partner. Don't get discouraged by this; anxiety is usually just your body telling you to cut back on stress, as it can't handle any more. Give yourself a break, pay attention to yourself and your feelings, and just do this one day at a time. Best of luck with this.

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    Thanks so much Fortune for your advice, i will do that. This week have more family coming over but i can't take this anymore. We live in Florida by disney and is like everybody is coming to visit and they stay over my parents house and i feel force to come and say hi to everyone. I feel so bad for my parents because is like one group leave and then the other comes and is like my mom is not getting a break,....anyways,i told my husband that i need time for myself,i don't want to feel the pressure of having to come over and see people,because for my parents if i don't come i am rude.

    I did the Master cleanse and now i am getting ready to do the liver cleanse.

    Thanks again for your advice. =-)

  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    Good luck with everything malchusmom, it will get easier!

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