Anyone have experience with RAW helping osteoarthritis?

So my boyfriend was planning on starting to bike race next year and has been having knee problems. He went to the doctor and it turns out he has osteoarthritis (not too surprising since his mom and dad both do, too). We've both been RAW before and are always saying we should do it again.. If anyone has experience with a RAW diet helping osteoarthritis it would probably be the kick in the butt that we need.

Also, if anyone knows anything else about helping osteoarthritis not get worse, etc. I'd love to hear! Thanks!


  • I have been recommended by a nutritionist to go totally raw to combat osteoarthritis and after 3 months mostly raw I have no pain in my joints .... If I have a day back eating my old diet I start to ache.... proof enough for me :)

  • At the health institute, if any body had arthritis, they went raw, and it usually took 28 to 30 days to go away.

    But it would come back, usually within 10 days, once they went off the diet. this was the pure greens and sprout diet. hard to stay on. should work on alkaline forming greens. this is a cancer diet, but the same green diet, at

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    I have systemic lupus, and as a result I have arthritis. I am 99% raw vegan, but I still take 2 tsp of Pharmax fish oil in the mornings. All of my meals and drinks are raw vegan - except green tea which is a natural anti-histamine/anti-inflammatory. I still feel some joint pain when I don't take fish oil or am doing a mini-flare, but things have VASTLY improved since going raw vegan. I felt a surge in symptoms when I would cheat in the beginning and eat meat (esp red) and vegan baked desserts with sugar - sugar is a huge inflammatory - so I keep the cheating to a minimum and when I do it's cooked veggies or sushi. The fish oil is my only non-vegan cheat, although my b12 shots may or may not be vegan.

    No flames please. This is just what works best for me and as long as my quality of life continues to improve, I'm stickin' with it. I also take olive oil, hemp oil, and flax oil, but still feel a little better with the fish oil.

    Things I noticed that made joint pain worse - anything I'm allergic to (including most gluten, corn, dairy etc), sugar, red meat, alfalfa, potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant, peppers (the deadly nightshade family), and cold weather. Other things I noticed that make it better - green smoothies, small amounts of onion and garlic, and oils. Oh - and being raw vegan :)

    The first few weeks I had fairly gentle detox. I was never vegan before this, but always prepped my meals from whole ingredients - never packaged and I didn't eat out, which I think helped. My joints hurt and I was more tired than usual for the first few weeks. Stick with it and you'll feel so much more energy. It's a lot of work, but the difference in my life has made it worth the work a hundred times over.

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