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Bought all this stuff and don't know what to do with it...


A while back I decided we were going to start eating as much raw foods as possible and slowly get headed in that direction. Per a friends advice I bought the Excalibur dehydrator and the vita mix and several hundred dollars worth of raw ingredients and super foods. Then I played around with the dehydrator for a while but nothing was coming out as yummy as I had envisioned. We were making green smoothies everyday and then after a while we sort of got off track with that. They all tasted the same and sort of boring, not matter what combinations I was using. So now several months have gone by and my dehydrator is staring at me and begging to be used but I am at a loss for what I should do... Have any of you experienced this sort of roller coaster of excitement and the blahness over the whole deal? Do you have any suggestions for me? I really want to get back into it but I am lacking motivation since nothing was turning out so good. Thanks!!!


  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Master

    Hello! It could be a matter of taste. You can "train" yourself to enjoy foods that you thought you didn't like. Being that raw dehydrated foods taste quite different from cooked, it could just be that you are not used to the flavors. This happened to me as well. After a while you will find your tastes start to change. Also, try to only use the ingreds. in your raw dehydrated dishes that you KNOW you like the taste of when they are raw. You are much less likley to disslike somthing youve made if you liked averything that you put into it. I found I had a lot more success with raw dessert type things at first, like raw cookies made of nuts and seeds and dates and spices, and then as I learned how raw food prep works, I moved on to more savory things. What things do you know you like? Which foods were you hoping to make in your dehydrator? If you gave us a few more spacifics, I am sure that we could help you out even more! I know it can be very dissapointing to do all the work of raw food prep and then not like it. Hope we can help more! Coolywash.blogspot.com

  • Hi Michelle Robin, I jut wanted to say that this has happened to me as well. I can drink greenshakes galore and if I get too experimental and make a gross shake, I lose my taste for them for a short period of time. My suggestion would be to eat the things you know are tasty for a meal or 2 and then start over again. Sometimes if I use a rich tahini dressing on my salad it makes me feel good. I am not 100% raw, but I always go back to the shakes by reminding myself of how good I feel when I drink them.

  • Hi, I am still new to this, but I made this applesauce that my family really likes:

    3 mcintosh apples (cored)

    12 large strawberries (leave the greens on)

    1 cup blueberries

    Blend in the vitamix, chill and enjoy

    Leftovers go in the excalibur on a teflex sheet, spread out dehydrate for about 8 hours and you have instant good for you fruit roll ups. Hope you like this, Deb, 1goneraw

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I think I must be lucky in that I've never been disappointed by anything that's come out of my dehydrator!

    I have loved both the savory and sweet dishes I've made. A couple of things I've really loved:

    cinnamon rolls (http://goneraw.com/recipe/cinnamon-rolls)

    carrot crackers (http://goneraw.com/node/6388)

    carrot & onion bread (http://goneraw.com/recipe/carrot-onion-bread)

    lasagna (http://imsorawkin.blogspot.com/2009/04/seriously-best-spinach-lasagna.html)

    In regards to green smoothies, there are so many different combos, I don't think i'll ever grow tired of them.

    Maybe have a look through the recipes on this site as there are literally hundreds of suggestions to stop you getting bored.

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    I bought all that stuff, and with it I ordered the 80 10 10 diet. Needless to say I kept the book and gave the crackao to my friend!

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