Naturopathic Doctor Experiences, HELP!

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I'm having some major health concerns lately and I think it's time I need to get seen. I'm choosing to find myself a naturopath doctor. I've found a couple in the area after lots and lots of looking. I'm hoping to give them a call after the weekend and set up an appt ASAP. Some information I'm curious about is how bad is this gonna be on the bank account??? Can anyone give me an idea on what some average prices are for office visits, or consultations? I'm sure prices vary by region but it would be nice to have some sort of an idea just so I'm not too shocked.

And from what I have known, any type of "natural" doctor is not covered under any insurance... is this still correct? Are there any loopholes in the health care system or are there any special kinds of insurance that accept alternative doctors? At the moment I don't have any insurance what so ever :( But another question is that I'm pretty much 100% sure I will be getting blood work done. Is it at all possible that at least the bloodwork would be able to get covered by insurance? And if not what are some price ranges or estimates for some basic bloodwork?

Any information anybody has would be sooooo greatly appreciated. Yes, I plan on asking all these questions when I make my phone calls, I'm just trying to be a little informed ahead of time, ya know.

I guess if it comes down to it, I may pick up some basic insurance to get me into see a regular doctor... get my bloodwork done... see what kind of conclusions they come to... and then take my info over to a naturopathic doc for some guidance and a treatment plan!

So if anyone has any input what so ever to help me out as far as what I should be planning to spend when going to a naturopath please let me know.

Much thanks in advance!!!


  • Hey coconutty,

    I have gone to a naturopathic doctor for about two years, and since i started and LOVED it my husband went as well. It has helped us both incredible amounts. It costs about $65 per visit (45 minutes) Although from my experience with medical doctors that is a great deal. Normally its 15 minutes for about $200. I don't really know if what I pay is a good deal or not. I didn't do any research before I went, she works in a wellness center, that I attend yoga and meditation classes. I might have just lucked out.

    But anyway... I really would recommend going to a naturopathic doctor. She really takes the time to listen to whats wrong, how I feel physicially and mentally. Since they often go hand in hand.

    Also she appreciates how eating can greatly effect your health. She picked up immedietly allergies i had, that i did and didn't know. It was amazing how eliminating certain things works so well.

    I have a friend who also sees a naturopathic and acupuncturist in Austin, and it was a situation where they sent her to a medical doctor, because they thought it would take to long to heal her (her periods wouldn't stop) However she went to the medical doctor and it didn't help at all, so she went back to the acupuncturist and the bleeding stopped in two days.

    I also don't have insurance. But i noticed quite a few naturopathic doctors offer financial assistance. For example my doctor gave me three months of free treatment.

    I hope a little of that helped, I think i might have rambled too much, sorry for that, Good Luck!

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    Expect to pay a little more for the first appointment, since it will take longer to take your medical history and such. Usually, following appointments cost less. Yes, labwork could be covered under insurance but the tests have to be ordered by a doctor. If naturopaths aren't covered by the insurance (they usually aren't), then you have to also go through the whole process with an MD as well and have him/her order the tests in order for the insurance to cover it. If you are paying out of pocket, it probably depends on your individual state regs as to whether a naturopath can order the tests. HTH!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the input! I do appreciate it :)

    I have an appt set up! I'm excited. The pricing really isn't that bad at all. My initial consult is 2hrs long and the cost will be 200. Follow up appt's are $65/hr. Which seems fairly reasonable I think. I do have to go elsewhere to have bloodwork done which kind of sucks, but no worries. I don't know if it's worth it to pick up insurance or not to cover the cost of bloodwork. We shall see!

    I'm happy to finally have taken the step to get myself a naturopathic doctor. YaY!

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