Boost your smoothies!

Hi there,

I just wanted you to think about having a little "natural medicinal boost" to your smoothies.

As you know, plants are therapeutics. What you can do is do an herbal tea (hot) but let it chill a little. When it's cold, you can drink it as iced tea (lemongrass, mint, lemon and ice, for example, mmmm with some raspberries) or you can take the cold herbal tea and use it instead of straight water.

So, maybe you can do, for example, a mint tea, let it cool down, then blend it with cantaloup and bananas... so you will have this little mint taste.

You can do it with all kind of plant, so maybe you could have medicinal usage too in your morning smoothie.



  • I love this idea. Today I made an iced tea with a splash of lemon and used apple juice as the sweetener. I will have to try a tea smoothie.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    This is a great idea, especially since I am fighting off a case of the sniffles.


  • Hm, you know, I drink cups and cups of tea a day, but it never occured to me to mix it with my morning smoothies!

    What a great idea, thanks :)

  • Would have never thought to do this. Thanks!

  • This is a great idea! I have been blending peppermint leaves from my mint plant for a while now, but I'd not thought of adding herbal tea...thanks for posting this:)

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