Craving Tahini

I recently created a sauce that I am calling Thai-hini, which consists of Sriracha, tahini and a few other secret ingredients. Since that day, I really cannot get enough of it! Seriously. One day last week, I totally ODed on it, dipping delicious red bell peppers in it, till I was so stuffed. The next day I had to tell my co-workers (I manage a kitchen at a bookstore cafe) to restrain me from eating it! What is it that is making me love it so much?? The spice and the fat and the calcium perhaps? I feel like an addict!


  • I have the same problem with nut butters! I cannot get my little finger out the jar once it's opened (yes, I eat it straight from the jar). Maybe it's the fat that I crave. I am also craving tahini now, it sounds really good with bell peppers. x

  • Also thai-hini sounds really appealing. Are you making it to sell?

  • I would certainly consider selling it, especially if many people are interested! Where do you live, Violet? also, thai-hini is not 100% raw...using 'regular' tahini and of course the Sriracha isnt raw..that may deter people

  • violet: knwo what you mean, I crave for nut butter too... have to keep nuts farrrrr from me. I do crave for a lot of things anyways.. these day i'm on soaked oatmeal with bananas and raw cacao powder. It is just delicious. But I could had nuts to it.. I won't :P ahah

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Probably salt and fat.

    You can try eating more fruit to satisfy your hunger?

    Or just limit yourself to 2 T. of the tahini mixture.

  • Oh I'm from the UK so shipping would be a problem I guess. It sounds good though, and although I'm trying to be as raw as possible I don't mind making exceptions.

  • superfood2: I do eat alot of fruit and have noticed sometimes that my back teeth hurt when i eat fruit...anyone else experience that? I think the 2 T of tahini is a good suggestion..even though i freaked out when i saw 180 calories are in 2 T of tahini aaahh!

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    No, but maybe dried fruit would stick to your teeth? Can you rinse with water after you eat fruit? Are you eating enough greens for minerals?

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