macrobiotics/raw vegan/eat to live?

which diet is the best does any one know has anyone tried any of these?


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    What are you trying to acheive? Intestinal health, overall health, energy, weight loss, etc? Macrobiotic diets tend to have a focus on food combining and emphasize high grain content. One can follow a macrobiotic diet and be far from vegan and originally it stressed cooked soups and grains to maintain health. Raw veganism uses few (if any) grains and stresses low temperatures to avoid any enzyme loss. I'm not very familiar with the eat to live diet and can only speak to the first two.

    I believe that diet is not a one size fits all thing and people should decide what feels right to them. I personally cannot tolerate grains and just plain feel better on a raw vegan diet that is fairly evenly distributed between nuts/seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Others eat mostly fruit. It all depends on the individual's consitution and what you are trying to acheive.

  • im trying to atchieve optimal health really and clean natural eating......... i dont do well on high fruit and i cant maintain health on just greens so im not to sure what to do and i like to be fairly low fat so yer im really confued

  • Shellebelle- may I please have information on your "skinny me" greens diet? I would love to make it part of my raw lifestyle, and i really need to stop eating so much fat. Thank you!

  • I have tried them all. Most diets are designed to cure an illness.

    Some are designed for the times, and the food on hand.

    People on Macrobiotics still get cancer.

    People on green raw foods and sprouts, not only don't get cancer, but the cancer goes away if they had it. There is is a video you can watch on breast cancer going away on the miracleph web site. It is a greens diet.

    Frutarians (basically what most raw fooders fit into) usually have problems with sugar rush and crashes. When the hippocrates health institute in boston was open, long ago and far away, they were thinking one to three pieces of fruit, a day.

    People that are diabetic can go on the sprout diet, with NO SUGAR. And there is little fat. They are kind of putting you into a fasting state, which actually shrinks the pancreas, and it starts working again after being overused. There is also a book on amazon about fasting 30 days to cure diabetes (really a healing). This diet is harder then all heck to stay on. BRUTAL.

    I do my own free 'skinny me' diet. It is a greens diet, but i fuel the body with olive oil, because it is a not saturated fat, so it will not stick to the arteries. It gives a more smooth ride all day on the blood sugar. It you get hungry, you eat a banana, or fruit, to raise the blood sugar back to normal (using 15 grams of sugar).

    If you get into grains, some have problems with digestion, and gluten issues.

    Good luck

    with love


    from hipprocrates west, lemon grove, ca, long ago and far away

  • you need to pick your source for energy. you have sugar, fats, and protein. if you go sugar (fruits), just don't over do it or you be in sugar rush / crash cycle if you go fats, just don't do many saturated fats, that clog the arteries. protein is not really an option. i have tried them all. i use olive oil (a non saturated fat) for energy, and greens for health. fruits to keep you out of ketosis (and a smooth blood sugar ride) raw nuts (like cashews) can put the weight on in a BIG hurry. >>>>>> you have to pick how you are going to feed the body. oh, and you can can do it geographically too. fruit diets seem to be for the hotter climates, where they grow fat diets are found where it is colder, like the intuits (Eskimos) who ate a lot of raw whale fat.

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