How We Get Rid Of Asthma At The Health Center

Healing Asthma

Time: 5 days to be totally free, maintained by lemon water

Something HAS TO CHANGE in the body, for Asthma to occur. Asthma is random. And there is a big clue. What do you do that changes every day? The air you breath and what you consume. We are going to focus on the consumption, because that always produces results. It is biochemistry and physiology sound.

To get going, we will need a simple digestion problem. For our problem, you have problems digesting chicken (but it could be anything). Lets say you ate some chicken, and got an allergic reaction, and it breaks the skin on the back on your thumb (a common place for many, but it could be anywhere) and even makes you bleed. You can see the body reaction is terrible. Now, what if I took some chicken protein, and injected it into the back of your thumb with a syringe, and you have a reaction (which you will). It might even break the skin. Now, here is the important part,


  • FYI:

    we are down to 1 digestive enzyme tablet per meal, and the papaya (papain are the cheapest). Most digestive problems are from protein, that are hardest to digest.

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