Aloe as facial moisturizer

Seemed to me that from everything I read about aloe (fresh from the leaf), such as it being moisturizing and antibacterial and restructuring, that it would be a good moisturizer for my oily, acne-prone facial skin. however, I have read on some sites that it can be drying ultimately. This doesn't seem to be the case for me, unless the drying effect is very subtle. Has anyone else had any experience with using aloe in this way, and what was your experience with it?


  • I'm interested in this too as my yard is absolutely FULL of big, wild aloe plants and my acne on my face is HORRIBLE (no end in sight!)

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    a lot of people seem to like aloe but i am not one of them! i made a face mask of aloe and oats and it burned the first layer of my skin off! it was bright red and swollen for about 2 days after i took it off. aloe will never touch my face again! i'd use it with caution- at least try it on your arm first maybe to see if you react this way. maybe i'm allergic?? i'm not sure.

  • I don't think I'm allergic...but you see my allergies are much more in I won't have an immediate reaction, but days later I will have an intense breakout. Like my skin takes time to "process" things (much like my mind and emotions really). It seems to be good for me, I think. I've been using it on and off after cleansing the past week or two.

  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    i dont have oily skin but i do use it as a moisturiser sometimes without any drying out. i think that there is alot of anti-natural stuff circulated cos no one is going to make money if everyone grows there own plants.

    i have read alot about juicing aloe vera being really good for your skin, as well as other health benefits.

  • good point, Kt. I take it in my smoothies fairly often also. Good stuff.

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    i've only had good luck with aloe. they say it used in the 'best of beauty products'... i just adore it. i consider my plants almost sacred!

    for anyone having issues,this likely goes without saying, but make sure only to use the clear aloe gel, and avoid the 'yellow' stuff that leaks out when fresh cut. you can drain this for a few minutes if needed, just like in preparation if you were to eat the aloe. (and i do often add to smoothies) i don't know if this would cause drying, but it is something to point out. i don't just use aloe but use it in combination with coconut oil, etc. some people swear by aloe and vitamin e... maybe this would help?

  • What if the aloe is purple-colored?

  • I bumped into a lady who was in her fifty's. She had tight, glowing skin. I asked her what she was doing to get such a result. She said fresh aloe every morning and night. That made me a believer.

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