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Help, bread&staches yet again

ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

hey everyone, so I've been raw for about a year now, except for about 2 months of transition I've been mostly 90-100% but I'm having a hard time with bread, pasta and potatoes, I can't really call it craving, but sometimes I just don't wanna eat anything raw, just nothing raw tastes that good and I used to be a huge fan of those 3, so they kinda come as a natural choice when I'm really not in the mood for raw, I don't have guilt feelings but I really don't like the after feeling and would really like to stop but its just hard, I think the main problem is that sometimes organic veggies&fruits diversity is not that wide around here and I can't afford any juicer, dehydrator, food processor or basically anything else that would help me spice things up a bit, as I'm a student and I also live with 3 other roommates in the apartment and the kitchen isn't too large and convenient to experiment with cool raw recipes, anyone good an idea? I'm feeling really stuck..


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    you know ras, i have these cravings, too. it's only with potatoes though. i'm fine being bread/pasta-free, but there's something about a warm potato that is just so good. i only get this craving randomly (i had about 3 potatoes in september), but i don't fret about it. it's usually around dinner time or after work and i just want something hot. i think my body will eventually not want cooked foods anymore.

    there's a girl on here, swayze, and she wrote a book about cravings and how to get rid of them. it's not getting released until november, but when it is, i'd recommend reading it. she is definitely a good advice person on raw eating. here's her blog- http://www.fitonraw.com/blog/

  • osoniyeosoniye Raw Newbie

    Of the 3, I'd recommend giving in to the potatoes, if you just want to see if trying it will either satisfy you or be disappointing, and either way end the craving. A baked potato or some mashed seems easier on the system and less processed than the others. That's just my 2 cents.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    I guess i'm with everyone else in that, i'd just let yourself have what you want. Since it's not happening that often, why fret? Since seasonally eggplant, potatoes, and winter squash are ripening, we have been having some cooked potatoes with winter squash and eggplant, and yes it is cooked, but i felt good afterwards, and we're supporting local agriculture which i also feel good about. I didn't have any yucky feelings like with the bread or pasta. I think something about them still being vegetables definitely plays a part. (For me I think the winter is going to be much more difficult than summer for raw eating. I am already wanting the warmth of cooked food.) One trick is to eat a piece of fruit. If i don't want anything raw, and I eat a piece of fruit, it warms my palate up to the idea. Last night I felt like that. I ate a pear. And then shortly afterwards raw broccoli with pesto was already sounding delicious, and it was! so i guess tricking yourself into eating raw anyway is one solution.... :)

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    Well its not often but not so rare, I've been eating 1 cooked meal every 2-3 days, thing is that I don't really want to eat those cooked, I mean I absolutely enjoy being 100% raw and I hate the after feeling of a cooked meal, yet I seem to "forget" the feeling now and then. I'll check that blog, thanks for the advices!

  • liger99liger99 Raw Newbie

    same here, ras. I tell myself, "No, I am a raw vegan, and I don't want cooked food." Then, after a few days, I forget how bad I feel after I eat something cooked, and once again, I find myself dipping into cooked food. Last night, I had a lovely raw day, and then night time hit. Night time has always been a really bad trigger for me. That night, I went, "What the hell," and starting eating a few olives here, some bread, mustard, beans, cream cheese, peanut butter...when it hit me what I was doing. Sometime the feeling just takes over, like I'm watching a trainwreck through my own eyes. My personal judgement is trapped by my irrational behavior towards SAD foods. Needless to say, I stopped before I got too out of control. Today, I'm healing with cantelope and grapes, very cleansing fruits. I do recommend Swayze. She has a 5-week transition for raw that makes it so much simpler.

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