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I read about the nutrition in quinoa, and I that is complete source of proteins, raw that is. Now, apparently qinoa is not a grain, and I apologize for the ingorance, but why I see several recipes that call for sprouted quinoa??? from what I read, quinoa is related more closely to spinach rather to nuts or grains, and I don't see people sprouting spinach... advice please??


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    Sorry, but do you think you could post where you found the info about it being more like spinach than a grain? *so confused*.. I always thought it was a seed, if it wasn't a grain, but maybe I'm way wrong.

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    I found the info in this link:

    The second paragraph talks about its relation to green leafy vegetables. It does say that it is a seed, though, but definitely not a grain (I am eating a grainless diet, ergo the interest in this food). Still confused...

  • Quinoa is actually the seed of a flowering plant (family: Amaranthaceae)

    Most cereal grains are the seeds of grasses (family: Poaceae)

    Which is why they have such completely different nutritional values to grains.

    Some info:

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    Soo, you have to sprout them. For how long? they have tails already...

  • rawlizard if you're eating a 'grainless diet' i think quinoa would fit into it, as it's nutritional structure is nothing like most cereal grains - it's much closer to that of dark coloured, iron-rich vegetables like spinach and beet.

  • It doesn't NEED to be sprouted for you to eat them, like grains, but they'll be more palatable if you soak them or sprout them.

    raw quinoa with tails?

    the tail is the germ of the seed - i've never seen it visible unless it's been cooked....

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    Thank you so much Jaimie, I appreciate your help and comments. :)

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