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Ok, I know that this topic has come out over and over, but I think I still need some extra support. My kids would do not eat enough veggies, and the texture my regular blender leaves is not good enough for them.

In the hope that they like something they cannot tell what it is, but that ultimately tastes good, I was wondering if I should purchase either a vitamix or a blendtech. The problem is that each brand has like six different types, and besides the esthetic, I don't see any difference among them. I will probably go for the cheapest one, but if you have gone throught he process already, I would really appreciate some insight on what to look for and what to be aware of...

Thank you so much!!


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    I am also interested in knowing if the basic (and cheapest) version is good enough to use as a food processor. It wouls be great if I could use it to make carrot salad, cabbage,etc. Thank you!

  • BLENDTEC!! I just made the best nut cheese ever with mine and it works good as a food processor, You can def make anykind of nut into a flour instantly with a blendtec. I have the home edition i think its 399? it was a christmas gift. I am about to open up a raw vegan juice smoothie bar lounge thing in the town I live in and will get commercial blendtecs. you just can't beat them. I promise youll love it! my boyfriend who HATES smoothies will do smoothies if I make them in my blendtec.. so I am sure your kids will love it. I am a nanny and got the little boy I keep to drink a smoothie consisting of appple juice, a banana, mango, 7 oz fresh organic spinach, spirulina, coconut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, and dates. tell your kidos that its an alien green smoothie or some wierd name they can relate to and they will down them everyday! have a great day :D

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    Thank you BrunetteKet, I would love to hear more about your kids friendly recipes! For me is totally counter intuitive, since I like my smoothies tart instead of sweet. For kids that's an immediate turn off...

    What other combination would you recommend? do you extract the apple juice first? I've seen that stores like Robek's use bottled apple juice to sweeten up the mixture.

    Since you have experinece with the topic, I would appreciatte any advice you can give me.



    OK I have one vote for the Blentech home edition. Does anyone would vote for the Vitamix? Any insights will be helpful...

  • I have a juicer as well so first I just some ginger and then squeeze a lime into my tiny amount of ginger juice and make a lime ginger shot with cayenne, then I will get on with my green smoothie and juice apples, about 2 cups worth and add that to my blender with the other ingredients. Maybe do green apples for the tartness rather than red since that is what you perfer. I really love juice carrots and a tad bit of ginger then blending that with almond butter cinnamon coconut butter and frozen bananas, it's really great especially in autumn. Maybe your kids will like that too its pretty sweet though especially if you add dates or agave or honey. I would def do a blendtec get on youtube and type in "will it blend" blendtec can shred an iphone in no time, and even rocks. its crazzzyyy. I just started a blog on raw veganism its www.myreallyrawlife.blogspot.com so check it too because I am going to upload tons of info, but I will still be on here too.. I am just wanting to get the word/love out to people hehe. but ya go to youtube and blendtec's site for sure. Have a great day.. wel night.

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    BrunetteKet, I read your blog...it amazes me how you became a vegan!

    I live in Maryland and I can relate to what you said about being raw is considered strange. I stoped talking to people about the subject anymore. I realized that for most of us being raw was the result of a process, where we started by eating organic chips and thinking that that is a healthy option, Then we moved to vegetarianism, or maybe to veganism even. After years of going back a forth between a SAD diet and more healthy options, we got this 'magic' moment (as you mentioned in your blog), and transitioned to raw, maybe 20%, 50% and some even 80%. In sum, for many of us the whole thing is quite a journey (and still is, mind you). I can not expect people to understand, relate and feel the same way that I do, because they have not had the experience, they have not lived the journey.

    So what people need, in my opinion, is to get that initial spark that will motivate then to look for answers, to do their own research. That's why I do my covered up proselitism by making a statement whenever I have the chance. So when everyone at the office is eating cake, I eat fruit, when everyone is heating up a frozen lunch, I make a point of displaying a colorful salad in the kitchen table.

    As you may notice, I moved to a different topic, from what blender is better to public acceptance. Anyways, thank you so much for your post, I will keep checking your blog ;)

  • I LOVE MARYLAND. my moms really good friend lived there for a while in this little cute town in an old victorian style house. I was only 10 when we went but I remember that we went to this maple tree farm where they made maple syrup and it was really nice. I am right there with you, when talking about raw veganism.. it tends to raise a million questions. First one of course is always, "where do you get your protein?" haha. Everyone in west texas is so standoffish about the subject, but in Austin... no way. Ah I love austin texas if you ever go to texas go to austin, it's hippie city and there are raw vegans everywhere. i didn't mention this in my blog--well kind of.. i am doing it for health benefits, but mainly to help prevent cancer. EVERYONE in my family has died of cancer and recently I just lost someone very special. So it's really made me aware of SAD and preservatives and what not. I think that was my "spark" like you mentioned about :D keep checking my blog bc I will post tons of stuff I promise and maybe it will be something that will help you or another :)

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