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can i be raw?

I was raw for a short time in australia.. thats where im from.

But now im in Denmark.. And I find it so hard to be raw.. i havent even attempted it. Raw items - bras, chocoalte, goji berries.. etc just came here 4 months ago.

Very pricey.. i dont work.. visa issues..

I like to eat local so I try and make some raw things.. but i find it so hard.. and so expensvie.. I mostly get free vegetables and fruit and thats what i have for a week. We always get bread.. for free.. so i dont think ill go completely raw.. but i want to make cheap interesting raw meals for me and for my boyfriend.. though.. he always says.. your not going raw again are you..

He thinks its hard and expensive..

We have lots of walnuts around.. they are from france.. but i need to think of really cool salads with cabbage.. nothing special needed.. we always have apples and bananas it seems and hmmm.. not good things for raw.. potatoes, onoins..

Any hints or ideas.. I like to eat organic.. especially with nuts... and hm cashews are sadly so expensive here :( Almonds are okay.. but i dont seems to like them in many things..

Any help???


  • #1 just check the recipes here and you'll definitely find something good ones.

    #2 Make sure as to NOT make yourself feel restricted then (you'll really starve and lose even more motivation to eat MORE raw foods if you do).

    #3 Always keep whatever nuts that are around and inexpensive with you to give you satiety.

    #4 If you're going to eat cooked food (there is nothing wrong with that). Just eat the raw portion first then cooked portion first last.

    # 5 Set a goal to eat a certain percentage raw at each meal or for snacks or whatever. Set a goal and if you can't meet it at one meal make up for it at another.

  • I look at recipes on here.. but even when i search for an ingredient it comes up with so much random things. and Also a lot of thing I just dont have.. and no alternatives.

    but ill start my search for cabbage things.. see how it goes.

    Thats is good advice, I dont know how raw i want to be.. but i know it needs to be more than now! I just bought some walnuts today! So ill see what happens..

  • I forgot to ask you if you had a food processor or blender or juicer. I believe these tools help you to stay raw in the beginning, because they prevent you from the monotamy of eating mono meals and help to infuse more flavor.

    Ok you said Walnut, guess what I just made chocolate walnut brownies!!!!

    1 cup walnuts

    1 Tbsp cocoa powder

    1 cup medjool dates (I used alittle less because I have jumbo medjool)

    Just 3 ingredients and I have brownies! You can add more or less a pinch or salt or whatever but this is all you really need to get the a brownie.

    If you don;t have a one of the above mentioned tools but you have a mortal and pestle (or a big bowl and a mug) crush your walnuts yourself, sprinkle in chocolate a little at a time and mix in chopped dates (viola!)

    or you can always make a taco with whatever leafy green (even cabbage if you want) by using the crushed walnuts and mixing in spices like chili pepper, garlic, scallions, cumin powder and even coriander powder-mix it really well and you have a taco that can be topped with whatever veggies (tomato, avocado, peppers, corn, etc) you prefer.


  • I think ill make this taco tomorrow. or make spicy walnuts with grated cabbage.. its not the freshest cabbage now..

    I want to make those brownies!! I never got to before. I have to go search for dates here, most of them are expensive and have a sugar coating.. I dont know why. But I hope to find some so I can make them for the weekend.

    I have a small food processor.. its not very good but it is okay for now. I agree a blender or food processor helps a little espeically if you are crazy about nuts and seeds like I am.

    I want to make so many things with sunflower seeds and flax seeds.. but i think my processor will only handle sunflower seeds :(

    Your blog is interesting! I will continue to read it.

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    For me, when I first got into eating a more natural diet it wasn't so hard. I actually first went to eating local and cutting out processed foods. Then I found a friends cafe and met people more into the 'raw' lifestyle but after a few weeks found they were just as dependent on 'raw super' foods which after awhile I realized are still rather processed foods. I don't do well with nuts at all, so first few potlucks I went to couldn't figure out why I felt so bad. My body can handle seeds but gogi berries, cacoa, etc I only do in VERY small amounts and in fact after I got over the novelty of many items I cut them out and went back to more natural every day foods.

    For me eating more raw has come down to eating more naturally. So eat in season as best you can for your area, if you just moved that might take some investigating but it can be done. if bread falls into your diet and your body is Ok with it then do so in small amounts. I can't do breads/rice and lately follow more paleo diet. My body does best with small amounts raw dairy and local meats so I will likely never be vegan but aim for 70-80% raw.

    I would go local whole foods first, then when you can figure out what is available work more raw back into diet.

    Good luck :)

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    You can substitute raisins or dried apricots for the dates....

    Cabbage Salad: Cabbage sliced thin, Green Onions/Spring Onions or Sweet Onion chopped, Carrots or Pepper (or both) - sliced thin. Throw on some Nama Shoyu or Braggs if you have it. Sesame Oil if you have it. Throw on some sesame seeds or sunflower seeds. I've made this and added pineapple too.

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    Get the book, Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People by Jennifer Cornbleet. I LOVE this book. All of her recipes are so easy, and inexpensive. All the ingredients are easy to find.

    Here is something to try. I use Kale, but cabbage would be equally delicious!

    Shred some cabbage about 1 cup

    finely chop or shred half of an apple

    In a food processor, add 1/4th cup of your favorite nut (I use almonds), and about 3 dates, some cinnamon, and about 2-3 tbsp of water. Blend that up to make a sauce for your cabbage and finely chopped apple. Add a few raisins. It tastes even better the next day!

  • I dont really have the money to get a raw book, hmm but the more natural way sounds good.

    I am trying to eat in season..



    apples- sort of in season


    onions.. i think


    is celery in season?

    That sounds interesting saraw, I still need to find some dates here.. but it does sound very sweet..

    Im going travelling for 2 weeks.. so it will be difficult.. maybe i will get more motivation... germany is cheaper than denmark.

  • Are coffee grinders expensive? That's what I used to grind flax seeds. You can make apple flax morning cakes too and I think they'll be fine even your only option is to soak flax seeds for about 20 min till it's forms a gelly substance then add the apple then processor.

    With apples you can make curry dressing to put on your cabbage salads. Celery makes everything taste better.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Well said durianrider!


  • Lil Earth Muffin, I love your blog (wordpress).It's awesome! Ampallang, you should really check it out for encouragement!


  • Durianrider, you're a smart lad! :)

    Going raw with fewer resources than many other people who make the same choice, necessitates a bit more creativity, but you knew that already. Where I live (rural conservative economic-slump Ireland) it's often hard to get organic produce, let alone stuff like cacao or lucuma or chia or whatever. I've got a bottom-of-the-range food processor/blender combo and that's all my equipment beyond utensils. I'm also unemployed, same as about a fifth of the country right now. So you, like me, need to be imaginative and resourceful and just flat-out ignore the literature and marketing. You're going raw for yourself, so think for yourself too! I look at recipes a lot, not to make them, just to adapt the ideas to what I have to work with. I came up with a great raw falafel recipe (mostly vegetables and herbs) recently, inspired by the christmas pudding bites recipe on this very website. I didn't write it down though, so it's lost forever I'm afraid!

    Anyway, you don't have to be 100% raw right at the start. In fact you might end up a bit uncomfortable doing that. I have a friend who tried going entirely raw straight from a diet of junk food and coffee, and he was in misery for four days solid before he gave up! I've been eating toast today, bad bad me. Hasn't caused me any hassle though. Go at your own pace and within your own means.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Thank you for you compliments! I like your blog too, i have it saved on my google reader.


  • Lil Earth Muffin...how do I follow your blog?

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Do you have a google reader? If so you can follow me through that which I find is a really easy way to keep everything organized blogwise. Im sure there is a way to do it through blogspot but Ive never had a blogspot so im not sure!


  • I'll try to figure it out LEM..thanks!

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