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What has happen to me!!!!

rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie
in Family

Im totally a junk food, all american what the heck eater!! what happen??

Heres my story..

i was high raw 1 years before my pregnancy, high raw my pregnancy and high raw the first year after. i started getting sickly looking and pale with dark circles under my eyes and i started to crave raw goats dairy and a little meat. I justified it cuz im full time breastfeeding and had gotten down to 88lbs. next thing i know im eating standard american junk(well not completey i still have my limits) and drinking lots of coffee and black tea. my son is 15 months now and we are having tempertantrums(did i spell that wrong) along with his urine and stool seems to be very acidic and small traces of diaper rash. we cloth so we've never had a diaper rash yet til recently.

problem is im so turned off by raw food, but im eating like crap and i feel horrible about it cuz im breastfeeding my baby.

how do i get back, what happen?


  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    ((hug)) I know how you feel. I do this too. I just tell myself that when I hit rock bottom with my health time and time again, ONE day I will decide to stick to raw once and for all.

    Cut yourself some slack. I was really into nursing my babies, and I honestly think that those hormones you have while nursing are rough. Are you still breastfeeding exclusively, or does your baby eat small amounts of food?

    I'd say that the coffee, dairy, or gluten might be affecting his diaper area. The whole reason I went raw, was because of all the issues I had with diaper rash. My daughter had eczema on her body, AND her diaper area. I started with gluten free, and sugar free. Then I went dairy free, then eventually raw. Just start small, and cut out the obvious stuff that could be causing baby to react. Add some raw stuff to your cooked. My family eats cooked, but Instead of putting out cooked veggies, I put out cut veggies and dip, salad, or cut fruit, or all of these! Make yourself some nummy raw desserts!

    Oh, do you have any journaling on your raw food journey? It always helps me to compare my journaling when I am high raw, and eating like crap.

    OH, and imagine the energy you will have to take care of baby and house if you eat raw!

    Happier baby equals an easier day for you!

    :-) Remember to be kind to yourself. Feeling negative about NOT being raw will most likely trigger more stress junk eating.

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    thank you for your kind words. your right im being really hard on myself and then this leads me on a path of self destruction ( i call it, sugar, caffine, eating nothing but bread) he is eating small amounts of food but still mostly breatfeeding. yoru right these hormones are rough. im trying to get my period back- still not here!

    i use to keep a jounal but then it turns into me just writing down everything i eat.......

    i dunno i cant wait to snap out of this.

    i stayed high raw during my prego because of my baby i wanted to give himt he best start and now im eating like crap and he's throwing fits like a S.A.D child!

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    Rawmamanibbles, I too think you are being WAY to hard on yourself. Several thoughts on your post I'm going to throw out to you just for thought. I'm going a bit backward here, and just add some food for thought about your son. You mention he's throwing tantrums, and you are are blaming yourself because of your diet. I'm NOT saying it can't be the diet- but please entertain the idea that it may have nothing to do with what you eat. My daughter would throw absolute tantrums over flustration over the strangest things (to me). Any new skill she was working on, would end up in tantrums when things became a temporary struggle- crawling, walking, learning to dress herself. You get my point. Frustration is frustrating to US. Sometimes it's neccessary for them though. It can mean they are motivated. (At least that was some of the encouragement I got with my daughter- and I believe it to be true).

    Guess what I'm saying is it could just be a "phase" he's going through. Possibley you are just being too hard on yourself and blaming your diet for way too many things. And, to be honest with you, I have seen plently of kids that where very quiet and content that would qualify as S.A.D.S kids. So, I truly don't think it's ALWAYS the diet.

    Something else to think about. Your weight (88 lbs)- WOW. It sounds like you where completely worn out and drained! Your health is the most important thing- not being raw. Please go much easier on yourself. It just sounds like you have deprived yourself too much.

    For me (and I'm just mentioning my experience, you may not be the same), when I focused soo much on trying to eat mostly raw- I would do good for a couple weeks- then binge on bread, cookies, cheese, etc. Terrible.

    I finally decided to quit restricting myself. For a week or two I was still getting into stuff like that some (but not binging). But, I quit denying myself, and if I wanted a veggie burger and fries- I did. My only requirements were to enjoy it, not feel guilty, and eat some raw, and other healthy food choices EACH day. This really has seemed to bring me back from the nasty food binges. I'm mostly eating high raw now, with mostly whole cooked foods. But, not depriving myself seems to have emotionally worked for me. I'm enjoying salad again too.

    Anyways- I wish you well. Whatever course of action you take.

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    Thank you for your word of wisom sistebecky.

    your right i just need to relax and go with it. i didnt like being so ridged when i was a strick all raw foodie. i feel better not being so strick but it's like you calle dit, those nasty food binges.... i should focus back on the begining and start adding good healthy foods back each day. i know it's not always the food but i tend to get into that mindset of always blame the food from being "raw" for a period.. ya know.

    i will take your advice and lighten up, focus on the good and try to be with my son through this stage.

    thank you

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    rawmama, I know what you mean about the food-tantrum correlation. I've got two boys with High functioning Autism. :-)

    I notice a huge difference in my kids' moods when they eat like crap. A 15 month old, things are a MUCH bigger deal. If you are feeling bad, it is hard to deal with a fussy child. You get a house full of people not treating their bodies well, and that is a recipe for tantrums and fights, frustration...

    When I am out of sorts, I am not as calm or nice with my children.

    I think, in the mean time, while you are on the mend, just focus on playing and eating. You play, and eat. Child can't resist a playing mommy. Head to the kitchen for a snack together, and talk about how important that particular food is to your body. ((hugs)) rawmama. This will pass. Small babies and toddlers are ROUGH STUFF!

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I don't have children so I can't imagine how hard it must be - but in terms of getting back into raw and healthy eating, I would recommend starting small and building gradually.

    Like the others said, don't restrict yourself but aim to add a few good things in your diet each day. Have a green smoothie one day, or a lovely big fruit salad. Start with the raw fruit and veggies you really enjoy to eat. Maybe make yourself a simple raw dessert. Or a bowl of banana whip. You will gradually start to move away from the bad and really crave the fresh whole food you are wanting to get back to.

    Don't beat yourself up for any poor food choices, like someone else said, if you eat burger and chips - make sure you really enjoy them and forget the guilt trip.

    Best wishes to you.

  • RosaRosa Raw Newbie

    Hi. I remember your post from half a year ago, where you explain not to be able to suppport raw food anymore. Then you seemed to be happy with your change to eating cooked foods again, feeling much better. I think that that feeling is very important. Your body knows what it needs.

    I also posted a topic recently because I can't eat all raw anymore, because of my pregnancy. The advice of our sisters could also be helpful for you. The essence of it is that we, mothers, are doing a great job and shouldn't be so hard on ourselves.

    Because of my morning sickness and cravings I started eating bread and i can't support raw crackers or other dehydrated foods anymore. I really enjoy the bread and feel much stronger now I eat this. I also crave oranges and tangarines and eat lots of them. Just as the other girls say: what fruits do you still like? There must be something, like me with my oranges.. (-:

    And maybe, to balance up, exercise will help you too. I'm practicing yoga daily, and I think this helps me to stay energetic, despite my quick change in diet and all the hormonal things going on...

    Anyway: Good luck and (very important:) enjoy!

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