Any good advice?

I am the only one in my household that is attempting to go raw....My husband and son are dead against it.


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    1) Read read read. I always have at least one raw food book that I read. And normally every day I skim some forums, blogs, etc. This will keep you excited and increase your motivation to remain raw. It will also develop a sense of connectedness with others enduring the same struggles and experiencing the same joys. 2) Exercise. Figure out how much you need / should actually be doing, and do it. Besides helping out your chemistry, this will also give you more motivation to remain raw. Then, instead of that junk food just equaling some guilt and lack of energy, it will also equal undoing a lot of hard work that you just did. And you'll be want to feel tip top shape for tomorrow's workout. 3) Accountability. Find a person that you are close to who will understand your situation and have them hold you accountable to your goals. It doesn't have to be a confession every time you eat some junk food, but just let them know that you did it. Let them know if you've been "good" for a long time. Again, this connectedness will help you out emotionally and hopefully you find someone that can give you a lot of positive support as well. If you don't know anyone personally who could do this, then find a forum like this and use it to maintain your accountability.

    I posted this somewhere else too. The main thing is community and accountability. Its easy for someone to give up on themselves, that's why we need the support of others. If you can't find it at home then that is unfortunate, so you will have to look somewhere else. You MUST find it somewhere else, even if its online. Also, try not to be discouraged by your family. Have faith, they might come around to at least respect the lifestyle and admire you for it, especially if you are setting a good example.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    There's probably a few other things that they or you choose to do that the other doesn't. It'll be fine! Just make sure you have enough fruit/raw calories around so you're not tempted (assuming the presence of cooked food). :)

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    My husband and son are not raw either. However, they will try some of the stuff that I make. Make yourself a few beautiful meals - something more elaborate than just a salad or cut up veggies :) That will make them realize that they can eat more than just those 2 items. My husband is actually very, very supportive of my lifestyle. I think the key is to not push them. Just ask them to support you. Once they see the positive effects this lifestyle has on you, they might feel more inclined to be a part of it. How old is your son? Mine is 5. I give him fruits and veggies throughout the day. Unfortunately, I didn't start eating this way until after he was introduced to the typical kids diet. He has gotten better - no more hot dogs or mac and cheese, etc... He'll eat fish and shrimp and veggie meatballs... His favorite is still pb & j. Make small changes for them - like, get Vegenaise instead of Mayonaise. Just switch them over to healthier options. My husband now asks for the Vegenaise - as does my son. Once they realize that eating healthier actually does taste better, they'll understand why you want to do this. I've incorporated at least one vegetarian meal per week into their diets... they didn't even notice! And, I cut out giving them a pasta or rice or bread with dinner - now it's just their main meal and a veggie. They don't even miss it!

    I like the post above that tells you to read a blog or a raw book every day. This does really help. It inspires you to keep doing what your doing and reminds you why eating the other stuff is bad for you! Good idea!

    I hope this helps you a little!

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    Just eat enough calories, so you don't go binging on cooked food. I struggled for a year with this, never knowing how to eat enough food. Then one day, I upped my banana smoothie of 6 bananas to 15 and since then, I've had cravings...but they're few and far in between, and easy to handle with a stable blood sugar level and a mind being powered by it's natural food...sugar! Good luck.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    There's some great advice up there - including setting the example and helping them have access to healthier choices.

    I would also make them aware that you may go through some "raw emotions" as you move forward...and make sure YOU understand that there may be times living with YOU isn't so pleasant!

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