Delicious Cracker Alert!

There's only ONE thing I really miss about cooked food: salty, crunchy crackery things. Especially with a glass (or two) of (organic) wine. My few attempts at making crackers with a dehydrator were disappointing, mainly because I didn't have a good recipe and winging it yielded yucky unsatisfying pieces of asphalt. Today I discovered Pesto Sea Crackers by Two Moms in the Raw at Whole Foods Market (I live in SoCal). They're a bit pricey - $7.50 for a 4 oz bag - but OMG so totally worth it! They're delicious, crispy, raw, vegan, gluten free....unbelievable! I've been eating them all day and there are still some left. The bag goes a long way. Highly recommended!


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