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born to run

oh my gosh

has anybody read "born to run"?

it's amazing.

it has raw veganism in it.

but, the main gist is that we were born to run.

must read for our community!!!

so exciting.

cannot wait to hear back!!


  • I have the book...need to find time to finish it! So far so good :D

  • Just ordered it from my library. They have 13 copies and 36 holds so I should get it in about 4 weeks. As a non-athlete I look forward to what looks like an interesting read and maybe some inspiration to get moving!

  • yesss! This book was such a good read. So inspiring. If you're interested in running (and after reading Born to Run you probably will be) you might want to read Chi Running. I read those two books back to back and felt like running nonstop.

    Has anyone tried the vibram five fingers "shoes"? I haven't worked up the nerve to give em a shot but I did just replace my worn out shoes with nike's "free" shoes, which are supposed to mimic barefoot running.

    ah... thanks nike for first convincing us that we need running shoes in the first place and then selling us shoes that are designed to feel like you aren't wearing any! :)

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I love running and just googled this book - looks wicked. It's on my amazon wish list so will hopefully get for Xmas! Thanks for recommending it.

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    So it's a novel that inspires you?

    any other running book suggestions?

    i've really been wanting to start running but lack the motavation.

  • turtlecrane, i'm planning on getting the vibram five fingers sometime this weekend to try this barefoot running thing. i haven't run in forever because my feet used to get numb and my joints would get mad at me. so i'm excited to try these out. i'll report back!

    a friend of mine got the nike free shoes and he said that they helped a lot. he still had some trouble with the heel - i think that part of the shoe is normal - but he noticed a big improvement when running.

    chi running looks interesting. i'm going to check it out!

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