Non-sugary green smoothies?

I was just wondering... if someone had candida or was just generally choosing to have low sugar intake in their diet... what would be the best way of making a non-sugary green smoothie that was still palatable?


  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    u could add lots of water which takes away from the greeny taste or perhaps add avocado

  • hey liss..

    I just finished a 15day green juice and blended drink fast. It was completely sugar free and alkalizing!

    Some green smoothies I love are avocado, lemon, lime, salt, maca maca maca, vanilla, flax oil, water, (green powder) lucuma (sometimes) and then all the supplements (camu camu, msm, bee pollen etc.)

    Another thing I love to make is a seed or nut milk unsweetened just the nut, oil, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, maca (walnut milk is great) adding green powder, cinnamon, and extra maca!!

    Also spinach is super friendly so if you are interested...blend it in as much as you can! coconut spinach smoothies are delightful!

    I learned a trick from Organic Ave..take a green juice (spinach, cucumber, etc) and just pour in a nutmilk and cinnamon. Super delicious!


    peace and light.



  • Hey !

    Got his recipe from Victoria Boutenko's Green for Life and I end up making it all the time !

    It actually tastes like a green gaspacho:

    1/2 avocado

    2 medium tomatoes

    juice of 1/2 lime

    1 clove of garlic

    greens - obviously :)

    2 cups of water

    pinch of salt if you wish

    that's the basis, you can also add cucumber, green pepper, cilantro or any kind of fresh herbs etc...

    but the tomato/avocado is the basis, it's light and creamy and wonderful...

    Takes a tiny while getting used too, but it's a staple for me

    enjoy !


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